Democratic 2020 platform

Rooting against America

- No planes
- More trains
- Elimination of automobiles
- Elimination of cows
- Unable to work? Free money
- Unwilling to work? Free money
- doesn't matter which; universal basic income
- Mandatory $15 an hour
- Allow a recession to hurt Trump's reelection
- Medicare for all, including illegal aliens
- Universal Healthcare, including illegal aliens
- Open borders
- Allow felons to vote
- Sanctuary cities
- Allowing Illegals to vote in federal elections
- Elimination of ICE
- Reversing the Trump tax cut’s
- Reparations to (non) slaves
- Non - binary/gender free society
- Stacking the Supreme Court
- 16 yr. olds allowed to vote
- Elimination of the Electoral College
- No more 2nd Amendment
- Restricting the 1st Amendment
- Creating an atmosphere for the assignation of President Trump
- Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

If these items are what you want then heaven help us and remember these items in the 2020 Presidential election.