The Government IS Lying About Seth Rich’s Murder
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Thread: The Government IS Lying About Seth Rich’s Murder

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    The Government IS Lying About Seth Rich’s Murder

    The Government IS Lying About Seth Rich’s Murder

    In July, Texas businessman Ed Butowsky filed a lawsuit outing Ellen Ratner as the source for his information on murdered former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

    Rich, as you may recall, was killed in the summer of 2016 in Washington DC. No one was ever charged with his murder, but it has long been believed he was the source for WikiLeaks’ email dump ahead of the 2016 election not Russia, which the lawsuit alleged.

    This seriously undercuts the claims made by the FBI and former special counsel Robert Mueller’s claims that Russian operatives had hacked the DNC to obtain those emails.

    Butowsky claims in his lawsuit:

    Ms. Rattner said Mr. Assange told her that Seth Rich and his brother, Aaron, were responsible for releasing the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Ms. Rattner said Mr. Assange wanted the information relayed to Seth’s parents, as it might explain the motive for Seth’s murder.

    On November 9, 2016, Ratner publicly admitted that she had met with Assange for three hours the Saturday before the 2016 election. According to Ratner, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had told her the leaks were not from Russians, but rather from an internal source inside Hillary’s campaign.


    Butowsky and his attorney, Clevenger, later obtained documents from the FBI related to their case, which, according to them, included the transcript from former FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki, where he states that the entity that began pushing the Russia collusion narrative was the Obama White House, as early as October 2016.
    Rybicki served as now-disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey’s Chief of staff –

    According to an online post from Clevenger:

    Newly released documents from the FBI suggest that the Obama White House pushed intelligence agencies to publicly blame the Russians for email leaks from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.

    This afternoon I received an undated (and heavily redacted) transcript of an interview of James Rybicki, former chief of staff to former FBI Director James Comey, that includes this excerpt: “So we understand that at some point in October of 2016, there was, I guess, a desire by the White House to make some kind of statement about Russia’s…” and then the next page is omitted.

    The comment is made by an unidentified prosecutor from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel or “OSC,” not to be confused with the office of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller (the OSC is a permanent office that investigates Hatch Act violations, and Mr. Comey was under investigation for trying to influence the 2016 Presidential election).

    Then, there is Roger Stone’s indictment. The Gateway Pundit reports:

    Roger Stone’s Indictment

    Trump friend Roger Stone is facing charges from the Mueller gang that are based on this key question – who provided the DNC the Podesta emails to WikiLeaks?

    The corrupt FBI and Mueller team claim the emails were hacked but neither entity inspected the DNC server which was supposedly hacked. They have provided no proof of this.

    The DNC instead hired a firm Crowdstrike, with connections to Mueller and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who provided a redacted report to the FBI and Mueller stating the emails were hacked by Russia.

    Former NSA whistleblower Bill Binney claims he has evidence the DNC emails were not hacked but copied most likely on to a flashdrive or something similar.

    Now, it is being reported that when Clevenger requested documents from the FBI related to any investigation into Rich’s death, they replied that they’d never investigated the death and had no records of him:

    However, when the same kinds of documents were requested from the NSA, they replied that they wouldn’t release any records regarding Rich because it was a matter of national security:

    The Gateway Pundit clarifies:

    USC 552(b)(1) states: This section does not apply to matters that are—

    (A) specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy and (B) are in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive order;

    So the FBI never investigated the Seth Rich murder even though the NSA said the case was a matter of national security?

    This too does not pass the smell test.

    Read More:

    My Thoughts:

    I agree, everything concerning the murder of Seth Rich does not pass the smell test at all.
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