Justice for America was lost in their silence.
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Thread: Justice for America was lost in their silence.

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    Justice for America was lost in their silence.

    I am tired of hearing that the corruption in the FBI was all at the top and that the personnel who make up the rank and file of the FBI are good. Bull! There had to be a significant number of those rank and file FBI employees who knew of the crimes being committed by their seniors and said nothing and failed to document senior level misconduct. In my opinion they are all complicit if they knew what was going on and did nothing to expose the bosses for their misconduct. They kept quiet to protect their jobs.
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    This hasn't been the only instance of corruption at the FBI,
    as far as I am concerned they are like snakes, you have
    to have them around or you get overrun by rats, but
    do not ever let yourself believe they are your friend, or
    that they will naturally do the right thing.

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