Required Mental Health Records in NICS gun checks.
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Thread: Required Mental Health Records in NICS gun checks.

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    Required Mental Health Records in NICS gun checks.

    Required Mental Health Records in NICS gun checks.

    The FBI came out with a survey that over the last three years the commonality with all of the mass shooters were 65% of them had a record of mental health problems that would have prevented them from obtaining a gun through a legal gun store, but those mental health connections weren’t allowed to be entered into the NICS FBI weapons check that the gun stores submitted in their permit checks.

    So it comes down to the fact that if the 65% had been identified as not be able to buy those guns then a whole lot of people would still be alive and the requirement that those mental health records should be required to entered into the NICS FBI check, that is a loop hole that needs to be closed.
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    In NC the county sheriff issues PPP's (pistol purchase permits) after they run a mental health check. One PPP for one handgun and the FFL retains it with the 4473, but you can request multiple PPP at a time. Mental health checks are run when you apply or renew your CHP (concealed handgun permit). Those are the only ways to purchase a handgun from an FFL in NC. So in theory everyone that purchases a handgun in NC has passed a mental health check, or the sale was illegal.

    Long guns can be purchased by showing either a PPP (the FFL only needs to see it, but do not retain it) or CHP, or with an NICS check like many other states.

    Private sales of handguns, by law, the seller must confirm the buyer has either a PPP or CHP. There is NO requirement for any background check of private long gun sales.
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