ABC News Tries to Pass Gun Range Videos As Combat Footage From Syria!

Wow, just wow… I have nothing. Literally. The video speaks for itself. But ABC news just tried to pass footage obtained from the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot as combat footage out of Syria.

It’s unbelievable the lengths that the mainstream media will go just for a Rating. You can view the video from ABC news below.

It would appear that it has since been taken down on ABCs network. However, Twitter remembers

When compared to several years of Knob Creek videos it is very apparent where the footage actually came from. What we don’t know is if ABC was tricked or if they intentionally used the video for shock and awe value.

Read More & watch video’s:

My Thoughts:

ABC proves but yet again that they are dishonest no matter the subject matter, sure makes you reconsider everything they put on the TV doesn't it.

I think they're trying to compete with the fake news CNN & MSNBC for ratings.