This week you will start to see things that will make your heads spin. For beginners they are saying Bill Barr is going to deliver 24 indictments to the Obama Administration and the Hillary campaign. This of course is going to force Pelosi and Schiffís hand to speed things up. They think their only chance to thwart the Barr investigation is to hurry up and impeach the President, but they are wrong.

This investigation is going to be completed no matter what happens to Trump, because both Barr and Durham are absolute Patriots, and they will both have to commit Clintoncide for it to have any chance of ending, and I donít see that happening. What I do see happening is the democrats losing it, and you will soon see them try to do things so out of bounds, you will think they are drunk. However, they donít have anywhere else to go, and yes they are like cornered rats with nowhere to go, but to hell in a hand basket.

Think about whatís really going on! Why would seemingly very intelligent people waste so much time, money and effort trying to stop one man from continuing to be the President? Do you really think it is only because they donít like him? Why do you think those people not only want to impeach him, but also want to see him jailed?

Itís easy, they know they canít flip him into being one of them, and he has the ability to expose their very elaborate criminal enterprise. This enterprise is very expansive, and is responsible for a number of people being responsible for vast fortunes of wealth being divided up into only their pockets at the expense of the American people.

It is all a very elaborate scheme that has been going on for generations, and Trump is the only person capable of, or willing to expose the corruption. If I am right you will soon see the house of cards start to fall, and many people will be exposed in this scheme to defraud America, including, but not limited to President Obama, President Clinton, and his wife, members of Congress (including republicans), certain corporations, the news media, and members of all of our agencies.

This is even bigger than the illicit scheme to take down Trump, it is going to be Americaís biggest crime scandal, and very well could lead us to war. We have known for a long time of the double standard that our politicians enjoyed over us, but now they are finally going to be exposed for who and what they are. I wouldnít put it past our government to try to off our President, it is that serious and contrived. Please enjoy your week, and enjoy the show, for it is truly about to begin!

I'll bring the beer and popcorn.