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    The blind generation

    A BIG AMEN for the very perceptive author.

    Independent of your side of the aisle, this has to ring true.

    This article was written by a college student. Her name is Alyssa Ahlgren, who is in grad school for her MBA. It's a short article; but definitely worth a read.

    My Generation Is Blind to the Prosperity Around Us!


    We are so well off here in the United States that our poverty line begins 31 times above the global average. Thirty. One. Times. (31) Virtually, no one in the United States is considered poor by global standards.

    Yet, in a time where we can order a product off Amazon with one click and have it at our doorstep the next day, we are unappreciative, unsatisfied, and ungrateful.

    Our lack of appreciation is evident as the popularity of socialist policies among my generation continues to grow.

    Newsweek, talking about the millennial generation; "An entire generation, which is now becoming one of the largest electorates in America, came of age and never saw American prosperity."

    Never saw American prosperity! Let that sink in.

    When I first read that statement, I thought to myself, that was quite literally the most entitled and factually illiterate thing I've ever heard in my 26 years on this earth.

    Many young people agree with her, which is entirely misguided. My generation is being indoctrinated by a mainstream narrative to actually believe we have never seen prosperity. I know this first hand, I went to college, let's just say I didn't have the popular opinion, but I digress.

    Why then, with all of the overwhelming evidence around us, evidence that I can even see sitting at a coffee shop, do we not view this as prosperity?

    We have people who are dying to get into our country. People around the world destitute and truly impoverished.

    Yet, we have a young generation convinced they've never seen prosperity, and as a result, elect politicians dead set on taking steps towards abolishing capitalism.


    The answer is this, my generation has only seen prosperity. We have no contrast. We didn't live in the Great Depression or Great Recession as adults; didn't live through two world wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War or see the rise and fall of socialism and communism. We don't know what it's like to live without the internet, without cars, color TV, without smartphones. We don't have a lack of prosperity problem. \uD83D\uDE30

    We have an entitlement problem, an ungratefulness problem, and it's spreading like a plague."

    Wonderful perspective and a refreshing reality check!

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    This young lady is wise beyond her age.
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    While we're on the subject of "Wonderful perspective and a refreshing reality check" & "wise beyond age"...

    Happening Now featuring Charlie Kirk

    ~ If You Have Not Been Born Twice, And Never Do Get Born Twice, The Day Will Come When You Will Wish That You Had Never Been Born At All ~
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    “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

    Heaven From the Cesspool

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