You better pay attention to this one.
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Thread: You better pay attention to this one.

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    You better pay attention to this one.



    For months now on the news and all social media all you hear about is the impeachment of our president. I myself did not until the last few days realize what the democrats are wanting us NOT to pay attention to.

    The fact that right at this moment the whole state of Virginia is about to form a militia because they are about to lose their gun rights.

    Not only gun rights but all forms of self-defense. They are trying to pass a law that makes it illegal to use bows, cross bows, and hunting knives.

    They have even taken it one step further than that. They are trying to pass a law to make illegal to practice martial arts of any kind. ANY instructor who teaches in the state of Virginia will become a FELON. Then to add insult to injury they have placed a damned Muslim in as director of the BOARD OF EDUCATION.

    The Democrats DO NOT have your best interest at heart. They have their own goals that have nothing to do with trying to protect WE THE PEOPLE. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THE CONSTITUTION!

    IF WE DO NOT stand up for ourselves we are going to end up like Venezuela and eating dogs and cats. Think it can't happen? Took less than 10 years there and they were one of the most thriving countries in the world. They have no rights what so ever. They have no protection and no food.

    All I have to say is like him or hate him the ONLY ONE who is standing between us and the Democratic Agenda is PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

    Millennials better get their heads out of their asses and pay attention to the REAL issues. THE ISSUES are not whether or not someone called someone a racist name 40 years ago. It is not the impeachment of our President.

    WE THE PEOPLE better stand up for ourselves and vote these crazies out or there is going to be nothing left of WE THE PEOPLE!!

    COPY AND PASTE THIS!!! Get it out there.
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    The Democratic agenda is the New World Order/One World Government, and it is imminent. America's government is OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People, and considering that that we now have a government packed full of pedophiles, homosexual, lesbian, & bi-sexual perverts, Muslims, Marxists, Socialists, Communists and Baby Killers, America's greatest enemy is it's citizens and will not survive the next year resembling anything even close to the America we experience today. Enjoy the calm because the storms coming and the reality of the horrible consequences about to befall our country is much too frightening for most people to accept. Thank God that this is the LAST GENERATION!

    ~ If You Have Not Been Born Twice, And Never Do Get Born Twice, The Day Will Come When You Will Wish That You Had Never Been Born At All ~
    Comfort One Another With These Words Also...There Will Not Be Another Generation

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