Concerning LTC Alexander Vindman

As a retired military career person I can tell you that LTC Alexander Vindman had no right to be allowed to remain in a position where he could act disloyal to his Commander In Chief and his nation. Further, since Vindman went outside his chain of command to divulge to another person (the so-called “whistleblower”) any information discussed by the two presidents he was allowed, in the performance of his duty, to listen to—or spread falsehoods represented as having occurred in the presidential telephone call, Vindman betrayed the trust our nation placed in him as a U.S. military officer.

Such behavior is not heroic. It is not his duty as a soldier, a member of the national security council, or as a CIA operative (even if he pretends he works for the CIA). Vindman’s behavior was a calculated act of treason against the President of the United States. Indeed, his behavior is a violation of law and he should be prosecuted for his failure to safeguard classified information he was legally given access to have. Vindman is a criminal and has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted in the White House or in the U.S. military as a military officer with a security clearance. President Trump was absolutely right in having Vindman escorted out of the White House, off the White House grounds, and returned to Army control, duty, and reassignment. He should really be sitting in pretrial confinement.

I hope President Trump sees that all appropriate disciplinary action follows Vindman’s return to Army control.