I was recently asked a question about Bloomberg’s stance on gun control, and whether he would be likely to write a gun control executive order if he is elected.

Even though it is not supposed to be in the power of a president to enact laws on his own, It would not surprise me in the least if, should he be elected, Bloomberg issued a gun control EO on his first day in office. It would then either be on congress to pass a law overriding that EO - something that will by no means be a certainty depending on the makeup of congress at that time - or for the supreme court to rule it unConstitutional.

Bloomberg has imperial ambitions; he proved his willingness to micromanage the lives of those under him while mayor of NYC (his ban on large soft drinks, trying to control their sodium intake, his stop and frisk policy that let police frisk you without probable cause, etc.). He truly believes his intellect is far superior to the rest of us mere mortals, as he stated in a recent speech at Oxford University: “… We, the intelligentsia, the people who could make it into this room…” He went on to state his belief that as a member of that elite group HE knows and understands things that the unwashed masses (that’s us) can’t begin to comprehend (specifically, why “a guy in a dress should be in the same locker room as your daughter”). HE knows what’s best for us - and he is willing to outspend everyone else, all the while using his media empire to push his views and agenda, to make it into the White House. And to top it off, he is a card carrying member of the Trilateral Commission (http://trilateral.org/download/files...202018(2).pdf) AND the Council on Foreign Relations (“[Full disclosure: Bloomberg (the candidate) is a life member and Bloomberg (the firm) is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bloomberg Philanthropies has generously supported the work of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Health Program, https://www.cfr.org/blog/meet-michae...didate)” - the democratic party kingmakers of the US; Trump is a member of neither group, neither is Steyer. This group isn’t just putting their stamp of approval on a candidate, as they did during those three days when Obama mysteriously disappeared from the campaign trail, showing up at the annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission and securing their approval over Hillary Clinton, this time it’s ONE OF THEIR OWN, putting them firmly in the driver’s seat of the government. For those who doubt, the DNC rules kept a number of candidates out of the debates because they failed to meet certain fund raising and endorsement criteria, yet they changed those rules to allow Bloomberg, who hasn’t raised a dime, and so far only has the endorsement of Obama (implied from Bloomberg's use of footage of him with Obama, not actually given), to allow him on the stage for their next debate.


These two groups are the ones that choose the democratic nominee. This time, it is one of their own running, and they want him on the stage.

Sanders is scary because of his socialist ideology, but he would have a difficult time pushing his agenda through congress.

Bloomberg is TRULY scary because, not only does he have the wealth and media empire (his own personal propaganda machine) to shape opinion and policy, he is a member of the very organizations to which so many in government are beholden, the true, behind the scenes power brokers not just of the US, but of the world.