Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

“The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation's tax returns from the year 2014 show that despite the organization's classification as a charitable organization, in fact most of the profits went to employees, and only 3% were donated to the various causes the foundation claims to support.

As a charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation's tax returns are publicly available from the National Center for Charitable Statistics' website.

In the 65-page 2014 form, the organization's total revenue was listed as $177, 804,612.00, with the total grants to charity amounting to $5,160,385.00.
Meanwhile, the organization's expenses amounted to $91,281,145.00.

This number included salaries for 486 employees ($34,838,106.00), fundraising fees ($850,803.00), and other expenses ($50,431,851.00).

The Clinton Foundation's 2014 net assets/ fund balances totaled $332,471,349.00, up $85,171,891 from 2013's tax return.

In November 2016, Hillary Clinton admitted to receiving $1 million from Qatar.