Democrats Honor Native Americans that fought against the U.S.
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Thread: Democrats Honor Native Americans that fought against the U.S.

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    Democrats Honor Native Americans that fought against the U.S.

    The Democrats, in another fit of desperation, are choosing to honor American Indians who fought against the country with the British in the War of 1812. They are all running around now like their heads are on fire, completely oblivious to anything other than defeating Trump. The harder they try to run him down, the more they show their lack of interest in the country. Lord, help us all!

    A draft of the introduction to the Democratic Party’s platform honors the indigenous peoples who formerly resided in the area that became Milwaukee, the site of this month’s DNC convention.

    It fails to mention that many of the tribes recognized fought against the United States with British-supplied arms in the War of 1812. (Washington Free Beacon)

    The platform praises Native American communities that resided in the region, including the Chippewa, the Ho-Chunk Nation, and the Menominee Nation—groups that sided against the United States in the brutal 1812 conflict.

    The language represents the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, which has voiced support for Native American sovereignty in its party credo over the past two decades but has not included a preamble honoring specific tribes at the top of the platform until this year.

    The Potawatomi, one of the tribes praised by the DNC, clashed with American soldiers in one of the most violent conflicts of the war, the Battle of Fort Dearborn, in which 12 children were killed by indigenous fighters as they attempted to evacuate the fort. The leader of the evacuation, Capt. William Wells, had his heart torn out and eaten by the Native American tribe, according to historical accounts.

    The tribe also participated in the Battle of Frenchtown, also known as the “River Raisin Massacre,” in which tents for wounded U.S. troops were set on fire by indigenous fighters, and soldiers who tried to escape were killed with tomahawks.
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