Here’s why I dislike Joe Biden;

Here’s just what I could just think of off the top of my head.

He isn’t mentally up for the post as President, due to the various items that I’ve seen of his statements on video.

He’s shifted so far to the left, endorsing, AOC’s New Green Deal that will destroy the country, Bernie’s various communist ideals and O’Rourke’s wanting to take our guns away.

He said he wants to remove the southern border and allow any illegal to enter the country, which will remove the working areas for the current citizens.

He said he wanted to allow millions of illegals currently in the country to have citizenship, excess to free medical and be able to vote.

He wants to ban for profit charter schools.

He said he would remove all the tariffs against China.

He said he wants to remove the various economy items that are currently doing very well.

He said he would leave the pharmaceuticals and medical supply chains under China's control.

He said he wants to increase everybody’s federal taxes.

He said he wants to defund the police and the military.

He blackmailed the president of Ukraine that he wouldn’t give the country the millions unless he fires the AG that is looking into his son Hunters illegal actions over there.

He allowed his son Hunter to go with him to China on air force 2 and after wards, his son received millions from China.

He encouraged Jim Comey to file false federal charges against Michael Flynn.

He approved of the falsely proved Trump Russian Dossier, which was proven to be completely made up by Steele.

He wants to reinstate the Obamacare mandate fine of $2,500 for people who don’t want to use Obamacare.

He wants to approve of the reparation payments to everyone who had a family member that was a slave.

He wants to do away with the Electoral College.

He backed China even after the Coronavirus was here.

He said he wouldn’t stop people coming over from China, Europe and England even after the Coronavirus was killing people in our country.

He approved of Senator Byrd who a grand wizard in the KKK and eulogized him at his funeral.

All of these items have been either in the news or Biden said they himself.
This man isn't mentally fit to become President.

After you read these, can you honestly say that Biden would be good for our country?