The problem with Mail-in voting ballots.
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Thread: The problem with Mail-in voting ballots.

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    The problem with Mail-in voting ballots.

    Itís estimated that over 51 million mail-in voting ballots are going to be sent out all over the country.

    Hereís the question, where and who are they going too?

    Itís been proven that in previous mail-in voting ballots that a large number have gone to people who have died, that werenít taken off the voting rolls and another item thatís terrifying is, thereís absolutely no requirement for signature verification on them, so that means, anyone can steel these ballets and place a vote and sign it, with a false signature.

    Now you can understand why these mail-in voting ballots are very susceptible to fraudulent actions, and they shouldnít be allowed to be processed.
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