In Bidenís own words.

This is what to expect if Biden is elected President.
Just to name a few, what you'll lose with Biden.

Didnít want to stop foreigners from entering the country with the Covid-19 virus.
Higher taxes.
Confiscation of guns & gun rights.
AOCís Green New Deal being implemented.
Giving 11 million illegal immigrants automatic citizenship and voting authorization.
Approving the various communist items that Bernie requests.
Approving abortions at birth and allowing them to die even if they live through the abortion.
Will stop all fracking, which has allowed the US to be energy independent.
Will stop the southern border wall and remove everything already completed.
Will allow open borders.
Will suck up to China, the country that has given Covid-19 to the world.
Will allow Hunter Biden to misuse the power of the President the same way he used when his father was VP, to receive millions from China & Ukraine without any qualifications to earn it.
Will allow other members of his family to obtain money from foreign countries without any qualifications to earn it
He refuses to take a cognitive acuity mental test, the same one that Trump aced.

And last but not least;
Most likely wonít serve out his first term as President and Kamala then becomes President.

Do those answer your questions?