Stopping the fraudulent BLM movement
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Thread: Stopping the fraudulent BLM movement

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    Stopping the fraudulent BLM movement

    To put an emphasis on what a fraud this BLM movement is, just look at these statistics; over the last year there have been 14 deaths of a black person by the police and of those 14, only 1 was deemed as unjustified. Now compare that to the 270 deaths of a black person by other blacks.

    The question is, why doesnít the BLM movement want you to read about those black on black killings, itís because it doesnít conform with their anti-cop propaganda messages, to stir up all of these rioters, looters and murderers that weíve been seeing all over our country for the last 105 days.

    The same thing goes for all of the rioting and looting we've been seeing for the last 105 days in all of these Democratic cities, theyíre not peaceful protesting one bit.

    Sad as it is, the only way to stop all of these actions will be for them to be encountered with an opposing force of legal law enforcement people that will enforce the law and hold them accountable for their illegal actions.
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    Thatís exactly what they are doing. This whole thing has nothing to do with Black people beyond being an excuse to begin a revolution. Many of theses rioters are Lilly white as are the real puppeteers.
    Of course the people behind the revolution of the same old adversaries from the past, communist, Marxist, anarchist instigators. The rest are the typical ď Useful IdiotsĒ used to creat a revolution. The big question in the end of course thatís whatís going to happen when Donald Trump wins this next election. Are they gonna head back to mommyís basement or are they going to go full-blown anarchy. Iím thinking itís going to be the former, faced with real cops with a real mission and even military troops it will fade quickly. The same will happen ( hopefully) if god fordid Sleepy Joe wins. Then again who really knows what a mob is going to do when they are faced with no consequences for their actions. Thatís a wild card.
    One thing that Iíve noticed throughout this, and Iíve had all kinds of riot control training back when it was real, is it no real tactics were used against any of these rioters. No water cannons no real teargas in clouds except for occasional use pepper balls, no real sheer physical force to break them up. This strikes me as very unusual given their destructive actions. Itís like no one really wants to address this but instead simply pretend.
    I did notice on several video clips from Europe a few years ago A similar treatment of Muslim rioters in Italy were police to just back off and watch them destroy the streets. The Germans did basically the same thing as the Italians which was essentially nothing . As here the media essentially ignored it.
    Notice how they commit the crimes they are involved in while at the same time the Leftist politicians and back stage handlers keep repeating itís all Trumps fault. Again classic Revolution 101. Do this while blaming the victim and saying youíre doing something else. Demonstrating Stopping the fraudulent BLM movementpeacefully vs Rioting. Itís all being repeated continually with complete complicity from all Democrats and media who at best wonít speak out against it.
    Itís gonna be a very Stopping the fraudulent BLM movement interesting Fall.......

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  4. We headed for a **** storm is what is going to happen. Itís gone to far to come back in my opinion. Iíve never seen it so bad. Whatever side you are on it doesnít matter itís too late. Yes there are protesters out there with a political agenda. Hardly all of them. Many are believing in the racial injustice cause and many are peaceful . Only takes a few to ruin the whole view. The problem is that the radicals stand out. So the right sees this WHOLE movement as politicized by violent thugs to instigate a revolution or to make trump look bad to reduce his chances of winning. The left sees every republican as being a racist POS that doesnít care and spreads hate against minorities. Both are blanketing views and neither is true. So here we are divided and headed for very very dark times. Seems the near future will be a good time to move to the tippy top of some mountain to literally get away from everyone.

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    We are now seeing the ground being prepared for the final demolition of the Constitutional order: the elimination of its institutions to check and balance power, whether of the majority or minority, through changes such as getting rid of the electoral college, packing the Supreme Court, making the number of senators based on population; and weakening the Bill of Rights by revising or eliminating the First and Second Amendments, already happening with draconian gun laws and “cancel culture” silencing of dissident voices deviating from the “woke” gospel.

    Considering that we now have a government packed full of pedophiles, homosexual, lesbian, & bi-sexual perverts, Muslims, Marxists, Socialists, Communists and Baby Killers, common sense dictates as to why America can't survive the next year resembling anything even close to the America we experience today, regardless of who occupies the Oval Office in 2021. Being that we are living in the final hours of these last days of this last generation...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTH'N YET!

    Former CIA Spook Warns "The Violence Will Get Even Worse"

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    THANK GOD...

    We ARE The Last (1948-2028) Generation

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