Famed author Peter Schweizer (notable for Profiles in Corruption and Clinton Cash) has a newly released film which goes into extensive detail regarding the close ties held by the Biden family to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party government. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) feature prominently in this masterfully executed investigative work which unearths many years of shady backroom dealing by other affiliated characters such as Devon Archer and Christopher Heinz (Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson).

The film analyzes a number of occasions in which former Vice President Joe Biden is seen sharing his understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, his family enjoyed an exclusive level of direct access to the CCP’s top leadership and the hijacked wealth of the Chinese people.

In 2013, while former VP Biden was in office, Hunter Biden joined his father during a visit to Beijing (aboard a U.S. Government owned aircraft) and only 10 days later announced that his firm (Rosemont Seneca Partners) had received $1,000,000,000 (later increased to $1.5 billion dollars) in investment “from the Chinese government itself.” Other companies with close ties to the Biden’s which are investigated in later chapters of the film (available in full on Blaze TV) include AVIC and China General Nuclear — the latter of which became embroiled in a scandal involving attempted nuclear espionage which the Department of Justice eventually prosecuted. Many of the companies named also have close ties to the Chinese Military.

Video: https://youtu.be/N4myDwN30Hk

My Thoughts: Joe Biden's middle name should be corrupt.