The excuses as to why at least 15 members of the Robert Mueller team wiped their phones are at this point unbelievable. Cell phones were “inadvertantly” reverted to factory settings because “people forgot their passwords.” And not just one, some of them were wiped twice. Huh? That many people forgot their passwords conveniently just before the phones were requested by the DOJ?

One person claimed that his phone “wiped itself without intervention.” Sure. ‘It’s alive!’ Other members of the Mueller team claimed they lost their phone, or that it had “irreparable screen damage.” The main cause was the wiping of the information. Pretty incompetant for professional investigators. Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther was better and he was a fictional comedy character.

Even Strzok’s lover, Lisa Page, had her phone “reverted to factory settings” before she turned it into the OIG office. NOW do you understand why OIG Michael Horowitz found “no evidence” of intentional bias?

There is now an open disagreement with Horowitz’ conclusions as well as the Mueller report itself.

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My Thoughts:
Why? Because they're guilty as sin for running a coup that's why! Has there ever been a clearer admission of guilt than Mueller's attack-dogs all wiping their phones?