Itís getting worse every day.
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Thread: Itís getting worse every day.

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    Itís getting worse every day.

    When are the citizens of all of these Democratic-controlled cities going to rise up and vote these left-wing liberal mayors out of office? These mayors have done nothing but promote all of the rioting, looting, and killings for over the past 110 days now, which are destroying these cities.

    And do you ever hear Biden calling them out for their unfit actions and refusing to uphold their oath of office, to protect and to serve the people in their cities? Biden thinks that these illegal actions that we have been seeing will assist him in his becoming President.

    It’s really hard to believe that anyone would stoop that low, to encourage all of this violence throughout our country, but that is exactly what Biden is doing.

    In order to put a stop to all of this violence we’ve been seeing for over 110 days by BLM & Antifa, the Government needs to do exactly what they did to the mafia back in the early 60’s, cut off the head of the group leaders and charge them with crimes against the country and lock them all up, that will be what’s needed to be done because it has worked in the past and it will work again now.
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    RICCO Statute. The ultimate defunding tool where all assets of the criminal organization are seized and auctioned off. Itís kind of hard to use on outfits like BLM and ANTIFA given their size but the money has to come from somewhere and itís all traceable . In their instances itís a network of often sketchy tax free community organizations.

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    Yep, it's getting worse everyday. These headlines are for just ONE of those days. Anyone still think time isn't short?


    Italian MP nominates Netanyahu for Nobel Peace Prize
    Israel-UAE peace key to averting global climate disaster - Tel Aviv U. scholar
    CNN shames Trump's 'large crowd,' 'little social distancing' at WH event marking historic Mideast peace deal
    Kushner cancels interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell after saying Abraham Accords is 'not Middle East peace'
    'Peace without blood all over the sand': Trump jokes about Netanyahu's love of war and both attack 'tyrants of Tehran' at peace summit
    Mossad chief indicates Saudis could join nations normalizing ties with Israel
    State Department defends controversial arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
    Iran says UAE, Bahrain will bear 'consequences' of Israel deals
    Abbas Slams Normalization Deal as Palestinians Ignore Calls for 'Day of Rage'
    Gaza violence flares after Israel signs deals with Gulf states
    IDF hits multiple Hamas targets in response to overnight rocket barrage
    'We want to follow the path of the First Intifada,' says top Hamas official
    PIJ leader: Gaza terror groups have military presence in West Bank
    Hours after announcing Temple Mount closure following a spike in coronavirus cases, Waqf reported to reverse decision
    Cantors, shofar blowers to travel freely on Rosh Hashanah
    Coronavirus: Ukraine accuses Belarus over stranded Jewish pilgrims
    More than 1,000 Jewish pilgrims blocked from entering Ukraine over coronavirus fears
    Survey finds "shocking and saddening" lack of Holocaust knowledge among millennials and Gen Z
    Almost 2/3 of U.S. young adults unaware 6 million Jews died in Holocaust
    How Hamas Plans to Destroy Lebanon
    Warnings of chaos as Lebanon misses deadline to assemble government
    U.S. Plans to Enforce U.N. Sanctions on Iran With Its Own Action
    Iran tells World Court that US sanctions breach friendship treaty
    Feds: Men Hacked US Sites After Killing of Iranian General
    Turkey, Russia nearing deal on Libya ceasefire, political process
    Cyprus president ready for talks 'without threats' in Turkey row
    Greek president visits tiny island at center of eastern Mediterrean dispute, angering Turkey
    Germany to take in 1,500 migrants from Greece, after huge fire left thousands homeless
    Germany far right: Police suspended for sharing neo-Nazi images
    Russia accuses U.S. of promoting revolution in Belarus, toughens stance
    Putin extends $1.5 billion lifeline to Belarus as protests intensify
    Indian, China troops exchanged gunshots twice last week as tensions rose
    Seoul: N. Korea May Conduct Underwater-Launched Missile Test
    UN nuclear watchdog, China reportedly helping Saudi Arabia develop uranium
    Hong Kong was once a safe haven from China. Now activists are fleeing the city by boat to Taiwan
    America's China Class Launches a New War Against Trump - The corporate, tech, and media elites will not allow the president to come between them and Chinese money
    Trump Administration Pushes for U.S. Control of TikTok
    Beijing is publicizing its philosophy of how tech firms like TikTok must aid China's rise
    DOJ Charges Chinese Nationals With Hacking More Than 100 Companies
    'Shrunken heads' to be removed from Oxford museum over racism concerns
    White US Christians becoming less motivated to address racial injustice: Barna
    Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter drops 12 points since June
    Minneapolis City Council that pushed to dismantle police now irate at rising crime
    Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition
    Fox News Panel Gets Very Awkward When Hosts Push Back on Gingrich Invoking George Soros: 'So It's Verboten?'
    Jewish groups claim Trump ad featuring Bernie Sanders is anti-Semitic
    Senate panel authorizes subpoenas in Republican probe targeting Obama officials
    US: Senate panel authorizes subpoenas for Comey, Brennan, Clapper over Russian collusion probe
    Romney slams Burisma, Hunter Biden probe as 'political exercise'
    Trump urged to probe Biden after tape reveals he held back info on Ukraine: 'How long will you put up with it?'
    Trump accuses Biden of taking performance-enhancing substance
    Texas Supreme Court again blocks county from sending mail-in voting applications to 2 million potential voters
    Air Force reveals it secretly built and flew new fighter jet
    'Venus is a Russian planet': Russian space agency announces national effort to explore Earth's twin
    ISS to change orbit to avoid space debris
    UK Space Agency Offers Nearly $1.3 Million in Funding for Seven Space-Cleaning Programs
    Upcoming solar cycle could affect earth's technology - like internet and power grids
    2 asteroids safely buzzed close by Earth this week
    Massive landslide at Irazu volcano prompts relocation of infrastructure, Costa Rica
    5.6 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands
    5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Belisario Dominguez, Mexico
    5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands
    Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft
    Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft
    Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft
    Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft
    Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft
    Hurricane Sally's deluge: Part of Pensacola bridge collapses amid 30 inches of rain; 'catastrophic flooding' in Alabama, Florida
    Tropical Storm Sally Soaking Florida, Alabama, Georgia, With Heavy Rain; Flood Threat Headed to Caroilnas, Virginia
    Hurricane Teddy keeps strengthening, on track to Bermuda. Two depressions may also form
    Tropical Storm "Noul" strengthening ahead of landfall in central Vietnam, 548,000 people evacuating
    Storm Janus develops into medicane, will wallop Greece with flooding rain, strong winds
    Lightning strikes kill 42 people in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India
    California Governor Gavin Newsom Reveals State's Biggest Wildfire Has Doubled In Size In Just One Week
    'Nothing left in the bucket': Wildfire resources run thin
    Oregon woman holds suspected arsonist at gunpoint as wildfires rage
    Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Is in Serious Danger, New Research Confirms
    Sarah McBride wins Democratic primary in Delaware on path to become first-ever transgender state senator
    Ursula von der Leyen says Poland's 'LGBT-free zones' have no place in EU
    Assisted suicide has become a 'default way to die' in the Netherlands
    Health experts concerned about EEE, West Nile Virus in Michigan
    Coronavirus 'sexual distancing,' decrease in STD testing sees drop in reported cases during pandemic
    As Coronavirus Rebounds, Europe Rejects New Lockdowns
    UK: Coronavirus: Second national lockdown would be 'disastrous', PM says
    Tel Aviv bars rebrand as synagogues to protest virus lockdown rules
    Hospitals to send 140 virus patients to other medical centers to ease crowding
    Multiple White House staffers may have tested positive for COVID-19
    White House mum on staff virus outbreak reports, day after Mideast peace pageant
    Trump says Pfizer taking 'tremendous financial risk' in coronavirus vaccine development
    Biden says he trusts scientists on vaccine but 'I don't trust Donald Trump'
    Pence scolds Biden's 'very irresponsible' comments on coronavirus vaccine, predicts 100 million doses available by January
    U.S. plans to make COVID-19 vaccine free, but only half of Americans say they'd take it
    Feds: COVID-19 vaccine will begin moving 24 hours after the first one is approved
    Trump says U.S. could start distributing a coronavirus vaccine in October, contradicting CDC's timeline
    CDC director says face masks may offer more protection than coronavirus vaccine
    Anti-mask protesters march through Florida Target, yell: 'Take off your mask!'
    Top HHS official takes leave of absence after Facebook rant about CDC conspiracies
    Trump campaign asks Twitter to mark Biden coronavirus ad as manipulated media, but company refuses
    CDC is working to create a COVID-19 wastewater surveillance system as sewage samples prove effective
    Chris Rock rips Pelosi, Dems: 'You let the pandemic come in' during impeachment
    New York Gov. Cuomo says the coronavirus pandemic has inflicted 'trauma' and PTSD on Americans
    Summer wave of dementia deaths adds thousands to pandemic's deadly toll
    7 Deaths, Over 170 COVID-19 Cases Linked To Maine Wedding Reception
    Salvation Army pushes to 'Rescue Christmas' early as millions reel in pandemic
    Nearly half of NYC's top earners have considered fleeing the city: poll
    Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent
    Moderate Democrats pressure Pelosi, House leadership to move new coronavirus bill: 'Stop the stupidity'
    Trump tweets for 'much higher' coronavirus spending but GOP uninterested
    Super-Rich Step Up Big Stock Sales After Global Prices Surge
    Fed picks its side in inflation debate and sends market a message - no rate hikes for years
    Fed commits to interest rates until economy is at 'maximum employment'
    Asia sees first regional recession in 60 years

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    The Enemies of America Now Rule Over Her, God Has Judged And This Kngdom We Have Created Has Fallen.
    ~Joe Biden...God's Judgement Upon America ~

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    ARIZONA-a short distance from the sun

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    The Enemies of America Now Rule Over Her, God Has Judged And This Kngdom We Have Created Has Fallen.
    ~Joe Biden...God's Judgement Upon America ~

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