Anyone who hated last nightís debateó I found it interesting.

Trump isnít a Political speaker choking on purple prose derailing us with sleight of hand street magic tricks. I loved it every time he called out the pink elephant in the room. Heck, he picked that sucker up and slapped Biden with it. So focus on what he did.....

Wallace showed his true side, biased liberal, just look at the number of times he challenged Trump over Biden.

Called Biden out for him and his son's corruption ó all the money they made off Ukraine, China, etc.

Called Biden out for his lack of support for Law Enforcement.

Called Biden out for all of the Democratic cities burning from riots, etc.

Governors Called Biden out by asking- did you contact any of your radical Democrat Governors, Mayors, offering help in these situations? Did you try to stop these cities from burning?

Called Biden out and pointed out how broken Obamacare is! The insurance is too high and people canít afford it! What did they do to fix it? Nothing! They think itís fine as it is!

Called Biden out on his 47 years in Government. What did he accomplish?

Called Biden out for his racism! If you are concerned with racism, go back and look at what Biden thought of Black People and Trump even have the dates from the comments he quoted.

These are just some of the things Trump did. He shook Biden into admitting a lot of what he might not have admitted to otherwise. Like, the fact that he doesnít support The New green deal ó which is a good thing but the fact that Biden supports what he called ďThe Biden DealĒ. That shows Biden is, as he has always been, for Biden. And that shows he will be at war with his own party if elected much fewer Republicans.

I donít need Trump to be sweet and pretend everyone is friends. We are not friends. Government is not our friend. They are corrupt and commit their crimes right in front of us and then pretend they havenít done a thing. And when we call them out, they laugh and say conspiracy theory! Trump is doing what I personally put him in there foró rattle the feathers of the ones who are corrupt and fix what is broken.