Watch: Joe Bidenís Probable Dementia Was on Full Display Today

Joe Biden is not well. That marks one of several dozen times Iíve opened an article in that fashion or similar, yet those words have become no less relevant with time. The former VP is only getting worse and that was on full display today as he attempted to give a speech to auto workers.

To be clear, when I say ďfull display,Ē I mean that it went beyond just the clips Iím about to share. As RedState reported earlier, Biden forgot who Mitt Romney was while getting off his plane, instead calling him ďthe Mormon.Ē How do you forget the man the top of your previous ticket ran against for re-election to the highest office in the land? The answer is that normal people do not forget that.

But Biden is not normal. Nothing about this is normal.

As I said, though, things got progressively worse throughout the day. Once he finally got to his speech, the ďgaffesĒ began to total up to the point where you wondered whether his handlers would just pull the plug. Hereís a taste of how that went.

People running for President donít forget what office they are running for. This is also not the first time heís done this. Heís actually made this mistake multiple times. An inability to distinguish details like this and seemingly forgetting what time period heís in are not good signs for his mental ability.

Then this happened.

For the record, that website does not exist. Itís also extremely odd that he would have forgotten already which way he came in and where heís supposed to go after the speech. That kind of stuff is self-evident to those with all their mental faculties. You came in the door on the side of the stage? Thatís where you go out. Itís not a maze, itís a small auditorium.

But these are common occurrences for Biden. They also scream that heís got early onset dementia and needs professional help. That his wife continues to push him into this, along with his handlers, is just bad form at this point. What we do know is that thereís next to no chance he finishes a term if he wins in November. That means Kamala Harris is the defacto top of the ticket. Vote accordingly.

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My thoughts: As we all know, Biden has had verbal missteps over the years and are getting worse, but a person with these mental problems isnít fit to become the President of the United States.