Trump Shows Florida Crowd Video of Joe Biden Calling for Cuts to Social Security, Medicare

President Donald Trump treated his supporters at a rally at The Villages in Florida on Friday to a recorded video of former Vice President Joe Biden talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare, among other benefits.

ďThe video Iím about to play was created by Crazy Bernie earlier this year to expose Joe Bidenís atrocious record and his egregious lies,Ē Trump said, referring to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who failed to win the Democrat primary against Biden.

The video featured Bidenís history of talking about cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and veteransí benefits, and was edited together with footage from a Democrat primary debate with Biden and Sanders about the issue.

ďThis guy is either really stupid or he lies,Ē Trump said after playing the video.

Bidenís record on promoting Social Security cuts for the last 40 years was revisited in January 2020 by The Interceptís Ryan Grim when it became clear that Biden was gaining traction in the Democrat primary.

As Breitbartís Harris Alec has detailed, Vice President Joe Biden also worked for a spending deal that would have cut federal spending by $2 trillion, including programs like Social Security and Medicare.

At a March 15 Democrat primary debate, Sanders tried to pin down Bidenís past statements.

Sanders: Let me ask you a question, Joe. Youíre right here with me. Have you been on the floor of the Senate, you were in the Senate for a few years, time and time again talking about the necessity, with pride, about cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare, cutting veterans programs?

Biden: No.

Sanders: You never said that?

Biden: No.

Sanders: All right, America, go to the website right now, go to the YouTube right now.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to protect Social Security and Medicare, breaking with many leading Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 primary.

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My Thoughts:
If you donít want your Social Security and Medicare screwed with, then make sure Trump getís your vote.