How Dominion Allowed The Dems To Steal The Election!
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Thread: How Dominion Allowed The Dems To Steal The Election!

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    How Dominion Allowed The Dems To Steal The Election!

    In a word DOMINION !! Take note they were contacted a few days ago to appear in a PA State Senate hearing . The night before the managers decided to “ Lawyer Up” and go more or less into hiding. Meanwhile about half have taken down their social media information on Linked In and others while closing down offices. Further strange coincidence is that Georgia spent 100 million on Dominion Computer voting systems the day or days immediately before the election.
    The questions to be asked and answers demanded is WHY THE DAY BEGORE AN ELECTION as well as WHERE THE MONEY CAME FROM. Who knows maybe the money is legitimate but it’s purpose almost surely not.
    As for Dominion itself just how it worked is shown in the video. Don’t expect to be able to understand it unless you are a statistics professional. What you will see however is how the crafty computer via an algorithm simply switches votes from one district to another when the program updates. It’s not even well hidden if you know what to look for. According to Sydney Powell ( Trumps lawyer) the president was cheated of approximately 7 million votes in this way. Somehow according to Powell the high number of actual Trump votes actually “ broke the algorithm “ in one of the key PA cities( IIRC Philadelphia) which forced the Dems to shut down the poles early and start manually stuffing the ballot boxes in the middle of the night. How the algorithm “broke”was unexplained and hopefully will be seen in court. Powell says she has the full cooperation of a former Venezuelan military official who used these machines to keep Hugo Chavez in office. He has shown that the system is deliberately built with a back door specifically for altering returns. Powell mentioned something about it’s utility is even specified in the machines manual.
    Another tantalizing snippet from Powell was that Dominion was used to knock Sanders out of the primaries in 2016. He knew it and was paid off accordingly for the inconvenience. She suggested that’s perhaps where his new lakeside camp came from. Her last tantalizing supposition was that Dominion was also selectively used by REPUBLICANS in the recent past to swing state elections. She didn’t elaborate on that either but did go on to say the Governor of Georgia himself a Trump ��supporter is actually working against Trump and involved with Dominion in some fashion.
    Strangest of all is the mainstream media’s complete ignoring of any and all of these things. The expose of the century which makes Watergate look like a simple childish prank yet no one will even look at the glaring evidence, WHY��. Let’s hope we get to see it all played out right in open court. This is an instance where truth really is stranger than fiction!

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