Remember this day....
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Thread: Remember this day....

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    Remember this day....

    The stock market above 30K.
    The US is Energy Independent for the first time in history.
    Gas under $2 a gallon.
    No New Wars for over 4 years.
    Because if Biden gets in, you’re screwed big time.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    America is 244 years old. It seems we now need to sit down and seriously consider “end of life care” for our country. We once had great courage. But look at our young men now — many who wear “skinny jeans” and hair gel, and others who go all out and dress like women. “Courage” today is defined as “coming out of the closet as a homosexual or a ‘transgender'” — those who do are lauded as the most courageous of us all. We once had liberty here. But now, we’re fearful to set foot in a Walmart if we don’t first put our masks on. Sadly, we now find ourselves on the precipice of surrendering to a Global communist takeover of our country. In the land God once blessed, the people He once prospered seem ready to surrender to those who are now DEMANDING a Godless, socialist State. So many are under such strong delusion, CHOOSING to believe the lies thrust in our faces from every direction, every single day, they actually believe that slavery is freedom.

    Remember the “good old days” when our biggest concern this time of year was which big box stores were willing to say “Merry Christmas” to their customers and which ones weren’t? Now, we need to wonder if we’ll be verbally harassed or physically attacked for wearing a Trump hat — or for NOT wearing a mask as we go out in public. Such is the wonderful “peace, love and tolerance” of the Progressive Leftists, who now seem to be in full control of the whole world. Biden or no Biden, as a nation, America has become addicted to the hard “drugs” of immorality, sensuality, slothfulness, willful ignorance, and we’ve become drunk on the “wine” of idolatry while deliberately choosing to forget God. The “doctor” has clearly stated that unless we change course immediately, we’re looking at “end of life care.” The thing is, there really IS no end of life because we will ALL live forever, somewhere. For some, life in this world is the only “heaven” they will ever know. For those who choose the narrow road to Christ, life in this world is the only “hell” they will ever know.
    America has been seized and taken over, her enemies have become her rulers, and they are right now waging war against her citizens, that's me and you.

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