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Thread: SEARS fires Alaskan for conceal and carry

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    ~~It's not about prohibiting customers from CC, it's about their company policy and how they treated a 5 year employee for CC on the job. ~~~I have a HUGE problem with companies that infringe upon their employees 2A rights. gf
    I got hung up on "MY" rights and not the employee that was wrongfully discharged. It is a truely distrubing coporate practice and needs to be brought to light.
    Sears has no intention of doing so at this time as we remain focused on providing a safe shopping and work environment for our customers and associates.

    Sears/Kmart is not worring about a handfull of us that are Licensed to CC and have been trained. They are only worried about the litigations that would follow and what they would have to pay in damages. So What is our Recourse? Sure, we can refuse to patronize these places, but changing public opinion is the challenge.
    Semper Fi

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    I thought Sears went out of business, maybe it was chap 11. I don't see too many stores around anymore. Didn't know AK allowed CC without permit, that's rare. AK like most western states is an at will-right to work state and they can fire your ass for no reason at all. Unless there was a contract or it was discrimination, good luck with any litigation. He will just make the lawyers rich. The most troubling part of this is he broke a company weapons policy. Why fuk with it, that's stupid. It just gives more ammo to those that want more gun control. It's bad press for us and you can't defend it.

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