Ask your rep to enact laws like these!
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Thread: Ask your rep to enact laws like these!

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    Ask your rep to enact laws like these!

    Two new issues brought to the NM Legislator both who's support VASTLY outnumbers the opposition.

    1: Allowing CCW permit holders to now enter both licensed liquor establishments that serve alcohol for off site consumption such as gas stations or liquor stores (passed in 2007) AND allowing CCW Holders to now (pending) enter establisments who's main source (60% or more) of income is obtained by selling food or non-alcoholic beverages such as resteraunts. This is excellent news- especially since most bars in New Mexico make more than 60% of their income from NON ALCOHOL SALES due to their very high cover charge and sale of food.

    I am very much in support of this law, however I don't think they took into account that bars have tried to stay open past 2am (state law) by charging high cover charges to offset their alcohol income so they can stay open to whenever they want (crafty in my opinion). I do see some issues with this and the state will need to publish a comprehensive guide to which establishments make more than 60% of their gross sales in alcohol maybe even having stickers on the establishments window say Green if you can carry or Red if you cannot.

    2: CCW Requirement amended: The house voted 31 for and 9 opposed to removing a law that required CCW permit holders to take a "refresher" course every 2 years. The NM Dept. of Public Safety commented that a 2 year 4 hour refresher did not significantly increase the skills of the permit holders. The legislature also deemed it unnecessary and costly for both the state and the permit holder in terms of man power for keeping track of paper work.

    You can review this bills at the NM Legislative website by clicking below

    SB 507 Senate Bill 507

    HB 105 House Bill 105

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Florida laws already cover these issues.

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    Same with Kentucky. But that is good to see. Now if we could just get everyone to honor it like the drivers liscense. Then we wouldn't have any worries.

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    Idaho allows carry in Bars as long as you don't drink, Practically speaking your alcohol rule is the same as driving, and no refresher course is required. Of course we all know that even a hint of alcohol can get you in serious trouble if armed defense is ever required.

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    Seeing how PRMA doesn't allow much of anything, I highly doubt they have anything like this. Nice post!
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    This is one topic where other states should emulate Nevada.
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    SC already has everything but the restaurant carry and it's being worked on now. Hopefully they will pass it by summer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by capo2186 View Post
    Seeing how PRMA doesn't allow much of anything, I highly doubt they have anything like this. Nice post!
    The only thing I know of that PRMA allows is taxation

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