Concealed Weapons (other than handguns)?
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Thread: Concealed Weapons (other than handguns)?

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    Concealed Weapons (other than handguns)?

    What is your state law about carrying concealed weapons other than firearms?

    My state (New Mexico) says that is unlawful to conceal any weapon unless on your own property, in your vehicle, or in possession of a CHL/CCW (for a handgun). So if you have a CCW you can carry a concealed handgun but nothing else..

    Curious if any other states have laws that make sense?

    I wanted to try to get one of my reps to sponsor a bill that allows more weapons such as say endorsements on the CCW license..

    IE: Licensee is hereby authorized to carry concealed:

    SEMI-AUTOMATIC .45ACP or below
    O/C "Pepper Spray"
    Expandable Baton
    Tactical knife or blade that shall not exceed ____ inches...

    I wanted to see if any states have anything like that as carrying only a firearm means that is not your LAST resort but your ONLY resort to a threat unless you've received other types of training in self defense.
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    NC has the same law as NM. It is not even clear if a NC CCP holder is authorized more than one CC on his/her person.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Check out the FL laws in the Resources section of this site. Pretty much, we can carry nearly any weapon we can conceal.

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    Nevada's knife laws are very hard to understand. One thing that is clear is no switchblades. Knives that aren't concealed seem to be okay. Most of the people I've talked to believe that the exposed clip on a folder in your pocket is considered not concealed.

    Florida got it right with their CWP (concealed weapon permit) whereas Nevada has a CFP (concealed firearm permit).
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    Wolfhunter has it right, in Florida you can carry anything you can conceal with the execption of a full auto. You can even carry a concealed firearm with a supressor if you desire.

    If I need to, I have figured out how to carry my Kel-Tec PLR-16 .223 pistol fully concealed (the bear is holding it in my avatar) which in Florida is perfectly legal. Also we do not have a "one at a time" policy and automatic knives, etc are also legal.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    I once read that one state prohibits the concealed carry of weapons over 6 feet long, but I figure concealed is concealed and who's going to argue with the carrier?

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    In SC a Concealed firearm is a firearm that has an overall length of 12" or less.
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    I recently applied for my CWP in the state of Georgia and I was told my permit would not apply to other weapons specifically knifes. I'm guessing this means you have to have another permit for that which is ridiculous because everyone I know is always carrying a pocket knife.

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    In Michigan it is a CPL, Concealed Pistol License.

    You may carry more than one pistol, but it does NOT apply to knives, hand grenades, bazookas or any other weapon.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I guess i'll have to write a few reps to try to add endorsements or seperate permits for at least pepper spray and maybe Taser (Taser's really are amazing weapons)
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