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Thread: Colt Firearms, Anti-Gun?

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    they do look like a prison camp to keep people inside,looks like ww2 germany revisited.

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    I think if you'll research this you'll find it goes back to a boycott in the early 90's. Since then a reorganization has bolstered Colt and they do still have a civilian firearms division. Here's an excerpt:

    The boycott of Colt has faded out with the new CEO William M. Keys, a retired U.S. Marine Lt. General, working hard to bring Colt back from its tarnished reputation. Due to the efforts of William Keys, Colt's quality has improved as much as its favor with diehard Colt fans.

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    Colt is as bad as Ruger. Both are manufacturers I will never own and would not sell new if I had an FFL.

    One of the things that I do like about the current S&W is that they have jumped head first into the AR-15 market with the M&P15 rifles. They have made them civilian friendly. Unless an particular item is LE only (which they have none presently), they will make anything available. I just wish they wouldn't phase out the 3rd generation metallic frame pistols.
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