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Thread: House Speaker Issued Unprecedented Demands for Military Aircraf

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    Quote Originally Posted by FOXBARON View Post
    I understand Bush assigning an Air Force plane for the Speaker of the House after 911 as the Speaker is the thrid in line in succession but would anyone here really, really, really care if we had to reach all the way down to the fourth in line.
    Don't reach too far, after "Robery Byrd" comes "Hillary Clinton"!

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    Angry Excellent Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    If it were up to me, she and her staff would have to WALK each way from SFCA to and from DC.
    let me just add "barefoot and uphill both ways in snow and broken glass."

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    I just returned from a deployment. Worked in the command section a few seats away from the person that was in charge of all DV (destinguished visitors) flights for the combined Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. Let's just say......the group investing the Senator would have a field day with the apparent waste seen and often talked about there.
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