Leftist Judge shoots down concealed carry in National Parks
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Thread: Leftist Judge shoots down concealed carry in National Parks

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    Leftist Judge shoots down concealed carry in National Parks

    On Thursday, Federal District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly handed down on temporary injunction prohibiting the National Parks Service from carrying out the law permitting concealed carry in National Parks.

    NRA-ILA :: Concealed Carry in National Parks Suspended -- NRA Files Motion To Appeal

    This absurdly leftist patently anti-gun Jurist who, in my opinion, is a disgrace to the bench by virtue of her unashamed bias, claims that adequate consideration was not given to the environmental impact of this law. HELLO...these are concealed weapons. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that, as long as a weapon is concealed, it has ZERO NONE NADA impact upon the environment. Thankfully, the NRA is appealing this ruling and we can only hope that the appeal is sustained.
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    And here we go again...

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    Even if it is not concealed, I don't see how it can possibly effect the environment, but I'm no judge either! It just drives me crazy that in my opinion, idiots like these do not get it until it somehow effects them! It amazes me that we have judges in our country that I wouldn't trust to make everyday decisions, yet they get to make a ruling on something that effects so many people!!! I really wish there were 3 strikes and you're out for judges. If your ruling was overturned by a higher court on three different occasions, you are fired and banned from ever having to do anything with the law! Start a new profession! This would keep a lot more of these judges in line, as that would keep them making their decisions based on what the law allows instead of what their opinion of the matter is! And as always, this is all just my opinion!
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    A Clinton appointee, no surprise, just disappointment.

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    what a stupid judge...
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I new it was to good to be true. I new some left leaning idiot would do something like this.
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  8. maybe the judge thinks we'll leave gun kooties at the park if we carry there. since when does a judge have more power then the president? they act like we're going to be shooting in the park and the bullets will affect the climate or pollute the water.

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    If you shoot a bear and it dies, you have impacted the environment, and BooBoo will have to steal picnic baskets all by himself. (Aren't all real animals exactly like their cartoon counterparts?)
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    Kollar-Kotelly. I've heard those names in close proximity before.

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    Since it was a law for a whole month, before this judge decided to mess with it, in my opinion if the idiots need to do some "research", it should stay a law until they can prove that it really does effect the environment and then take it away. Not suspend it while they do their research!
    "You must prove you feared for your life. Pee in your pants."
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