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    Illinois Video

    Hey Guys,

    I found this on youtube, was posted a month ago but I thought it was worth posting. Check it out!

    YouTube - $1,000,000 Dollar Gun Liability Law in Illinois. Gun Control gone mad, One Million, Whats Next!
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    My first thought when I saw this - was what insurance company would underwrite such a policy!!!
    Then I thought, HUM - wonder if AIG would write it

  4. YEP, this is the kind of crap we in ILL-annoys have to put up with. Daley is mayor of Chicago, but he sets the agenda for the entire state. AND, you won't fiind a more "anti" than King Richard.

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    I saw this when it aired.. these idiots are out of control already.. they should have a policy for every person in office to pay the public when and if they infringe on our rights.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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