Poll Shows Americans Not Fooled
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Thread: Poll Shows Americans Not Fooled

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    Poll Shows Americans Not Fooled

    Maybe there's hope for the citizens after all. Poll shows 65% of Americans believe the Mexican drug cartels buy their firearms from the black market and U.S. gun laws are not at fault.

    Zogby/O'Leary Report Poll Finds Majority of American Voters Don't Fault U.S. Gun Laws for Mexican Drug Violence - FOXBusiness.com

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    that just means 35% of those polled are Morons.
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    CNN reporting is severely bias anti in this regard. They have stories daily. Today, the story is on 50cal Barretts going south and Phoenix guns shows... CNN has been called to task before and that needs to happen again. They do not want to consider Chili, Spain or Cuba. China is off limits altogether.
    Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

    I could not get the video to post correctly. (My Bad) The video is Called "A Little know War" and was dated 3/25/2009
    Big guns from the U.S. are being used by criminals in Mexico in a war against Mexican police. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
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    So the 35% believe that changing the gun laws will mean that the Mexican gangsters will have less guns available to them? I get it now; more gun control will make them less criminal-like. Why haven't we thought of this before?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocBoCook View Post
    that just means 35% of those polled are Morons.
    sad but true!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I see a corolation here. I think that 35% is the same group of people that approve of obama at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I see a corolation here. I think that 35% is the same group of people that approve of obama at the moment.

    Good point

  9. Mexican guns

    If they secured the border like they were supposed to we wouldn't have the problem either way..

  10. When was the last time ( at the gun show or anywhere else) can a private citizen go out and buy a full-auto gun like the catels are using anyway? I must be honest.. I work with the public everyday and I have to say, if only 35% are morons..I deal with that 35% day in and day out

  11. I know of several gun dealers in AZ that dont give a rats AZZ who they sell too.

    I also dont think that aliens to this country should be allowed to purchase weapons unless they have permanent work visa and been in the country for a minimum of 1 year

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