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Thread: Tiahrt Co-sponsors 2nd Amendment Self Defense Bill

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  3. For the record, this is NOT the first time this sort of bill has been introduced and, in fact, I seem to recall no less than half a dozen or perhaps ten prior attempts at a federal pre-emption law making reciprocity mandatory, same as D/L, etc. They all failed.

    This one seems to have at least reached the judiciary committee so maybe there is some hope. I doubt it but just maybe.

    Sure would make life easier for me as my residence is in Toronto Canada and I travel the USA as an American citizen all the time. Confusing as heck. Resident/Non-resident makes a difference even if you are American. Go figure. And they tell me to put down the place that I am staying at when I apply as that is my residence at the mement I am applying. I often stay with family (our family is spread out from Chicago to New Jersey and all points between; we have close friends in almost every state).

    One can only hope. I presently have six carry permits and I still have to take the laptop with me to figure out if I am legal travelling from state to state. We sometimes find ourselves late at night in unsavoury areas and I sure would like the comfort of knowing that wherever I go I am legal to carry. We have had two attempted home invasions and have had a honkin big revolver stuck in our nose in Orlando FLA.

    I sure wish the politicians would wake up and know that this is a constitutional right for all Americans regardless of where they are resident and regardless of whether or not they have taken training in the state of issue. (For the record, I am FOR training. I am FOR licensing of the owner after a thorough background check to ensure that a license is not issued to someone with a record nor someone with a history of mental illness, etc.)

    Fingers are crossed.

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    How would you feel to be one of those individuals trapped at the incident in Binghamton, New York yesterday and not have a CCW with you?
    Better yet you are a Congressman or Senator trapped in a situation like that, and had voted to not allow CC in your State.
    Now he knows the only person with a gun can freely kill at random because there are no CC allowed.
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  5. This is a good one!!!!
    Hope we can get'Rdone!

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