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Thread: Citizen grand jury indicts Obama

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    Overwhelming, Uncontroversial Evidence Obama Not Eligible To Be President As Defined By U.S. Constitution.

    Barak Obama A.K.A. Barry Soetoro is illegal POTUS

    obamacrimes - Home Page

  3. You found it on the internet so it must be true! glad to know thats the only standard needed!

    UFO Proof Scientific UFO proof!

    Bigfoot Sightings — Bigfoot Research and Sightings Reports Bigfoot does exist!

    Anyone with a computer and a few free hours has become an expert. You can pull all the internet crap up you wish but it is still hearsay or circumstantial evidence. When REAL evidence shows up I will be the first to jump on the band wagon. The burden of proof lies with us finding true evidence. Until then its all speculation and inuendo, no matter how many internet sites you pull up

    Im done with this. I have emailed the author 3 times and yet to hear back from her and never will Im betting

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    Explain why Obama's team of lawyers that he hired to prevent him from being forced to submit proof of his eligibility, have not filed slander and defamation suits?

    Explain why the evidence showing Obama is not eligible is part of filed court records under penalty of perjury and Obama's birth certificate or the proven forged one off his personal site is not a part of anything Obama's lawyers have filed in his defense?

    Show me a statement of one single Secretary of State of any State in the union, that has done their job as required by law and has Barack Obama's true original birth certificate in hand or been allowed to see it...

    Show me one youtube moment or tv spot where Barack Obama has refuted the allegations against him in this respect...

    Why is Barack Obama the only President in the history of the country that has not allowed anything that can prove that he is a natural born citizen to be made available to any media or any government agency?

    Why is Barack Obama the only President or candidate for that matter to have hired a team of lawyers to prevent anybody from accessing his true birth certificate, U.S. School records...

    IF he has nothing to hide why will HE NOT PUT THIS TO REST?

    The same questions were asked of John McCain and his records and proof positive are available for the world to see...

    Why is it that all the internet sleuths whom have claimed to have debunked the story all trace back to the same signal source? Obama's certificate of live birth on his web site put up by his Chicago campaign office...
    said proven forged document has not been put in the hand of any law enforcement or government agency...
    and even if it had, the certificate of live birth is not not sufficient or even legal...

    We are living through the biggest hoax ever purported on the American people in the history of the country...


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    Obama has got to be a citizen. After all he is the mesiah.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Obama has got to be a citizen. After all he is the mesiah.
    He is a citizen, we just don't know the name of the country. Just like he's a college grad, but for all we know, he carried a 2.1 GPA.

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    Saturday April 4th, 2009

    Supreme Court asked to cooperate with FBI
    Attorney investigating Obama's eligibility reports cyber attacks:

    Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI

    A lawyer investigating the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president under the U.S. Constitution's requirement that the office be occupied only by a "natural born" citizen is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to cooperate with an FBI investigation into alleged cyber crimes connected to her work.
    In a letter addressed yesterday to Chief Justice John Roberts, the associate justices, the Secret Service and others, California lawyer Orly Taitz, who is working on a number of eligibility cases through the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, wrote, "I hope that the Supreme Court will show proper cooperation in investigation of such crimes by the FBI and other agencies and I request a letter of cooperation to that extent."
    Taitz is just one of many attorneys across the country whose clients are raising questions about Obama's eligibility...continued at:
    Supremes asked to cooperate with FBI

    Alan Keyes: Collapse of U.S. Economy & Civil War!
    YouTube - Alan Keyes: Collapse of U.S. Economy & Civil War!

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    It is interesting that 'rockwerks" offers a different opinion, and suddenly becomes the enemy(?). Doesn't it defeat the purpose if everyone shares the same brain? SAMEness is not ONEness. Is the issue the attacks on 1A and 2A, or is it someone taking it personally when another doesn't agree with his/her opinion? Again, 'rockwerks' is accused of being in support of "Obamanation" because 'rockwerks' doesn't think the same as others(??). It seems that Obama is not the only one with a Messiah complex.

    Reap the Vision...

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    Obama's Born Conspiracy: Obama's bogus birth certificate exposed!

    YouTube - Obama Forgery Exposed (Dr. Polarik Official Use) - The Greater Evil

  10. another you tube UFO video, nice find. The hidden face and scrambled voice is a nice touch. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockwerks View Post
    another you tube UFO video, nice find. The hidden face and scrambled voice is a nice touch. LOL
    You forgot to note that it is part of several legitimate open cases in courts and submitted under the penalty of perjury as evidence...

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