Gun ban gets shut down
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Thread: Gun ban gets shut down

  1. Gun ban gets shut down

    Team Obama Halts Talk of Assault Weapons Ban | Newsweek Periscope |

    My kind of news.

    NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre told NEWSWEEK that Hill Democrats have "learned their lesson" from 1994, when they enacted the ban and subsequently lost control of Congress. They've also learned that cozying up to the NRA can pay big dividends. Last year Democrats received 20 percent of the nearly $1.2 million that the NRA pumped into congressional campaign coffers—more than twice what it gave to Dems just six years earlier. The way things are going, this could be more than a shotgun wedding.

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    Depending on the results of the 2010 midterms it may be back. I don't for a minute think the Dems have given up on this nor have they"learned their lesson from 1994."
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    I have seen this report before, some place, I got t go looking. But my point is:

    "Sc**w me once, Shame on You....
    Sc**w me Twice, Shame on Me"

    I do not trust this congress or this President any further than I can throw my F150-4by. These people have their work cut out for them to earn that trust...
    Semper Fi

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    The ban isn't going anywhere. The machinery of subjugation is still primed to ram rod the AWB through Congress, I promise you. All the Obamanation administration is telling its minions is to stop talking about it. They're going stealth, throwing up the cloaking device of official silence. They've realized that it's still in our crosshairs and the mroe they talk about it, the more we get riled up to oppose it.

    If we sit back on our laurels all haughty that "We showed `em.", that's when it'll quietly get added to an appropriations bill for the Ambassador to Malawi at 3:30 A.M.

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    Congress will play both ends against the middle. When there's rumor of a ban, they know the NRA will come running with money in hand to secure their support. That support may waiver when pressured by the AG because of incidents like Va Tech and Binghamton and the SecState because of the drug war in Mexico this year or some other BS reason 2 years from now. It's not about legislation or what the Constitution says or what the people want, it's about money.

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    It's not gone, just on hold till they can figure out how to include all firearms as assault weapons. The only truth this administration has told is that change was coming.
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    At the right moment they will try again. If it wasn't for the Mecican cartel gun sales being found an untruth that possibly would have been an in. You can relax on this matter if you wish but I think I'll stay awake and alert on it.

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    Propaganda, I for one will keep my friends close and my enemies even closer
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    Sounds good for now but as others have said I would not get to over joyed yet. The gun banners will never give up. they understand that sometimes they have top take one step back before taking the next two steps forward.
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  11. IT is good that they are unsettled as a group. Now we just need to keep pressure on the moderates and those who have sent the letter to the administration and support them. (at least on this issue)

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