Stores with no CCW or OC- no gun signs
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Thread: Stores with no CCW or OC- no gun signs

  1. Stores with no CCW or OC- no gun signs

    What do you guys think about these places? Are they infringing on 2A (not allowing a legal practice) or as a private land owner should you have the right to say "no thank you" to gun if that is how you think. It is your land after all.

    Where ever you stand I have decided that I will no longer send my business to these companies as well as try to persuade other to do the same. I did a search for this topic but couldn't find anything related.

    I decided this last night on my way to SafeWay here in Reno, NV. They will not allow any weapons including pocket knifes or pepper spray. After a quick drive around the strip mall I found it was not Safeway but the complex (land lord) that has decided this blanket rule. I sent a letter to Safeway, TJ Max, Office Depot and Great Clips, and Starbucks to tell them of my disprovable and how I and everyone I know will now longer visit these locations. I am also in the process of writing some reviews so other people will know and hopefully join the cause.

    Anyone feel this way or have any other ideas?

    As to the answer of the first question, I do believe they are infringing on my right however,I think a private land/ business owner should be able to make a decision... I will also make the decision to "vote" with my dollars.

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    Private owners should make their own rules

    Unfortunately, I have to side with the private owner. Mostly because I'll be damned if the gov't is going to tell me what rules I can make in my place of business. It was the same with the cigarette bans. I felt that it should have been left up to the business owners to determine if smoking was allowed or not. I lost that argument. Oh well, wasn't the first time and won't be the last. Maybe I'll lose this one, too.

    I do agree that we are free to not choose to patronize certain places of business. I'd like to hear what others have to say about this.


  4. I agree that owners likely have the right to do what they want. I will not frequent these places NOT simple because they have refused a right that I feel I have, but they have now created an environment that begs miscreants to take advantage. Only the law abiding citizens will abide by the request. Those that intend to do harm will ignore the sign and will likely target said place of business because they know that law abiding citizens are following the store-owners rules. Now, if the store owner decides to hire a couple of well armed visible enforcement officers that mean business... I might reconsider my patronage.

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    no gun means I'll shop somewhere else.

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    It depends entirely on the jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions give those signs legal weight, meaning if you're caught with a firearm in a no-gun zone, it's actually a crime, and when the cops show up, you'll be arrested regardless of any mitigating circumstances or willingness on your part to leave at that point.

    Most jurisdictions, they have no legal weight whatsoever, aside from making the proprietor's mind known to their customers, so if they detect that you're packing ans ask you to leave,you've already had your two warnings, so failure to leave means you're willingly trespassing.

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    I've been seriously thinking about ordering some of these cards for Wifey and I, in response to those stores who deny us entry while CCW-ing.
    Free "No Guns, No Money" Cards

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    I think it is the right of the owner to say whether they allow cc or not.. just as it is my right to take my money elsewhere if they won't allow law abiding citizens to carry on there property. if they want to make their place of business a welcome place for criminals who prey on the defenseless... then that is their choice.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
    I've been seriously thinking about ordering some of these cards for Wifey and I, in response to those stores who deny us entry while CCW-ing.
    Free "No Guns, No Money" Cards
    these card are what I was thinking but have started doing it with letters.

  10. It would appear we are basically on the same page on this issue.

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    Interesting thing in Minnesota is that the landlord can't put up a legal no firearms sign, only the renters. So, at places like the Mall of America where they post at the doors, it isn't a legal posting. Because of the door signs, the individual stores don't at their entrances. Even if you are carrying there, you have to refuse to leave when asked before it becomes a petty misdemeanor trespass ticket ($25).
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