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Thread: Biased ABC News 20-20 Gun Ban Agenda

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    Just finished watching this piece of crap of a show. Not one single reference to a firearm actually saving someone. The message I got from this show is that it is morally superior to give up and submit to being a victim than to actually try to defend yourself. The problem is not with guns, it is the corroding of our moral compass. The assault on “traditional values” coupled with the glorified violence seen in movies, TV shows, music videos, rap and heavy metal lyrics and video games is leading to the moral destruction or our society. ABC, which aired this show, had two commercials for their own shows (Castle and The Usuals) during this program which showed the “good guys” bursting onto the scene with guns drawn. I guess ABC is trying to say guns are bad unless it is for their own ratings. The segment I thought was particularly problematic was when the set up the college students in a no win situation, in an unrealistic scenario against trained professionals and used the results to demonstrate why it is pointless for you or I to even want to try to defend ourselves. I knew this program was going to be slanted; I just did not expect it to this degree. The sad part is that Dianne Sawyer and ABC probably think that they did the public a service when all they did was a one-sided hatchet job on a serious topic that needed a fair and balanced discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chroode View Post
    ~ I feel he needs to go after the prison/parole system and the lack of enforcement of punishment for those found to be breaking the handgun laws during commissions of crimes. ~
    Good post Chroode... The prison system is very broke. The amount of state and federal revenues applied to that system is amazing. Yet, the cash strapped system is starting to turn out felons early. Felons that when returning to the streets are looked upon as heros.

    ~ I can't believe that a person would go to a gun show and pay $450 for a glock pistol, and turn around and sell it to a street thug for $60. ~
    Good point, but truth does not make for good copy.... Yet ABC News ' has continued their attack on the gun shows on Saturdays Evenings World News Tonight. Irresponsible reporting.
    Semper Fi

  4. I dont see why you are shocked about any of this, it is status quo. Until one of them has to face the music they will never understand

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    20/20 Just Can’t See Straight When it Comes to the Second Amendment - Gun Owners of America (GOA)

    20/20 Just Can?t See Straight When it Comes to the Second Amendment

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    I thought this show was supposed to include a counterpoint by John Stossel? I'd love to see his whole show devoted to the subject.

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    IF Only They Had A Gun - Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference:
    If Only They Had A Gun

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    Hey, they proved to me that since I can't draw a gun while wearing gloves, a mask, and an oversize T-shirt, I may as well not have one! That way when the shooter marches slowly through the school, I can be sure to provide no resistance and be killed in an orderly fashion while the police set up their perimeter.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK87 View Post
    Hey, they proved to me that since I can't draw a gun while wearing gloves, a mask, and an oversize T-shirt, I may as well not have one! That way when the shooter marches slowly through the school, I can be sure to provide no resistance and be killed in an orderly fashion while the police set up their perimeter.
    Yeah, what do you need with gloves, a mask and oversized T-shirts anyway?

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    I would like to know why a firearms instructor would participate in such a biased scenario, equiping them with retention holsters ( something that takes practice to get use to) , a firearm that they arent use to. We have all spent a lot of time picking the firearms that are right for us. i personally shoot a glock much more poorly than i do a 1911 or a sig. it just doesnt present the same sight pic for me excessively baggy clothes. they sat the armed student in the same place every time so he knows who to take out to be unopposed. Oh and the shooter is a instructor ( he was knocking them out like he was at a steel target shoot). most of these shooters fire in excess of 100 rounds with a poor hit ratio. his was nearly 100%. I dont know where he teaches but the establishment needs to be boycotted until he is no longer employed there! and if i only had a gun they put no thought into the fact that someone in the next room or two over will hear gunshots and have adequate time to be prepared to oppose an active shooter ( putting the element of surprise back on him)

    Oh and that little town in florida where the little clild had a question for BHO, 40% of the people had been shot, 60 % knew someone who hadbeen shot and another 60% had witnessed a shooting. paiting the town as a wonderful place during the day and the like the streets of Somalia after dark. I know there are some crime ridden places in this country but i would have to say that that one was quite exaggerated to an extreme
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    We would be better off with BORAT as PRESIDENT!!!!

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    Found this at the following forum of related interest:
    ABC NEWS: Gunshow Loophole, man buys 10 guns in one hour - Page 3 - THR

    sounds like a good idea to me...

    It took a while, but I sent the following email to every one of the sponsors:

    After watching ABC’s episode of “20/20” titled “If I Only Had a Gun”, I can only conclude that ABC aired the piece in order to advance a specific, anti-gun political agenda and that your company supports that agenda. There was no attempt at all to present both sides of the issue. The show was a deliberate insult to the significant percentage of your customers who own guns and value their 2nd Amendment right to do so.

    Company name has every right to promote any political cause you wish. I and my fellow citizens have every right to choose whom we do business with and, rest assured, many of us will choose not to do business with any company that intends to undermine our Constitutional rights.

    The name of your company and the others who sponsor ABC's political agenda will be widely shared on the many Internet forums devoted to the shooting sports and legal self defense. The list will be quoted and linked to many hundreds of times over the next several years, at least.
    This is unlikely to have a positive effect on your sales.


    EDIT: Response from Transitions Lenses:
    Good Afternoon, John,
    Thank you for expressing your opinion. Transitions Optical does not endorse the content, products, services or viewpoints expressed on any of the programs we advertise on. We hope that you will not boycott our product because of opinions expressed by someone not connected with us.G
    Cloie Rennard
    Transitions Optical

    I responded:
    When you pay to sponsor a program, you must accept responsibility for the program's content. It's your money that's making the program possible, after all.
    Viera, Florida

    Carrying a Gun Wouldn't Necessarily Get You Out of a Shooting - ABC News

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