Biased ABC News 20-20 Gun Ban Agenda
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Thread: Biased ABC News 20-20 Gun Ban Agenda

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    Biased ABC News 20-20 Gun Ban Agenda

    Biased ABC News Diane Sawyer & John Muir - Set Gun Ban Agenda in motion Friday April 4th, 2009 10PM PST

    Guns in America: More Information, Resources, How to Help - ABC News

    I am sure most of us wonder why the drunk Diane Sawyer still has a job in front of a camera, and not just cause she has a face for radio... there are plenty of youtube moments alone of her on national television disgracing herself and the company she works for...

    Well, if you were not able to watch this piece of fabrication and anti-second amendment manipulation, here are a few highlights until you can...

    Tonight's anti-second amendment programming brought to you by ABC was titled "IF I Only Had A Gun"

    After nearly an hour of making anybody short of a police officer (and even one of them) look like an idiot for even considering touching a firearm, finding the worst possible examples of gun related crimes, accidents, carelessness etc., Gin Breath Diane Sawyer stated she could not find one study or example of people legitimately using firearms for self-defense, this of course after going off on a diatribe of clearly fabricated Brady Bunch statistics about firearm related deaths, accidents, crimes and the like...

    AND of course ranting about the evils of gun shows, and how politicians refuse to enact stricter gun control laws to prevent things such as Virginia Tech from happening (she actually used that as an example), she failed to mention Virgina Tech left their students defenseless, by not allowing concealed carry on campus, creating yet another Gun Free Zone, aka: Kill For Free Zone... she actually belittled Congressman whom respect the second amendment for doing that very thing...

    She failed to note more people in the U.S. are killed in car & motorcycle accidents in a year then intentional or accidental firearm related deaths...

    Yet we do not see anybody trying to ban those stinking foreign cars, (and related Free Trade Agreements, destroying our economy) yet they killed more people and cost more American jobs then firearms did last year...

    She further CLAIMED, that the NRA would not talk to her, showing a picture of a NRA building, and she made no mention of attempting to talk with the Gun Owners of America or the Second Amendment Foundation, Heritage Foundation or any other pro-second amendment lobby, that could give her a more balanced and un-biased show...

    Knowing that the NRA and at least the others aforementioned have continually, even recently thrown down the gauntlet for one on one debates with Gun Ban Obama & Company and others from the media, I seriously doubt that ABC or Diane Sawyer made any attempt at a fair and balanced investigation...

    Hey Diane here are a few stats to get you started...
    Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year -- or about 6,850 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives...

    Fact Sheet: Guns Save Lives
    Fact Sheet: Guns Save Lives

    Armed Self Defense: The Canadian Case
    By Gary Mauser

    I highly encourage you all to arm yourself to the teeth with facts, stats, etc., ready at hand to send to ABC, Diane Sawyer, and Gun Ban Obama & Company, and other anti-second amendment zealots when they start spouting their bogus diatribes...

    Starting NOW with ABC and Diane Sawyer!

    They are trying to stack the deck against us for their so-called common-sense, public safety GUN BAN AGENDA...

    "INALIENABLE RIGHT", "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" are still beyond their comprehension...

    A couple of other things to further note:

    • Much like the AWB lobby loves to use Ronald Reagan & James Brady as their poster boys for a mandatory AWB, while conveniently omitting that they were shot with a legally purchased .22 revolver; they failed to mention or provide any stats for any firearm purchased through the so-called gun show loophole that was subsequently used in a crime; or that the FBI's own statistics and that of the DOJ found the former AWB did nothing to reduce firearm crime with said types of weapons.
    • They exploited the tragedy of Virginia Tech, and others like it (because existing laws were not enforced, and law-abiding citizens were not allowed to defend themselves, in a Gun-Free-Zone, which is a crime in itself in my book) and the feelings of an individual whom lost somebody that day to further legitimize their ultimate firearm confiscation scheme.
    • We need to ask the NRA, GOA, SAF to insist on being allowed to provide a response to their one-sided attempt at a new and yet more draconian (if thats possible) mandatory firearm registration and NICS check, whose ultimate goal is firearm confiscation.
    • Let me reiterate; so-called common sense firearms regulation in the history of the world has always let to firearm confiscation. Oppose this Tyranny with every fiber of your being. Look to England, Australia, Canada, India, Russia for starters to see the frighteningly identical path we are following and parallel statements from our legislators towards that end.
    • Do not allow the NRA (or your Representatives in Washington for that matter) to support another so-called NICS improvement act, which has the same ultimate goal; TOTAL LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN DISARMAMENT.
    • Educate a friend, family member, neighbor, peer, etc., on legitimate firearm ownership.
    • Please Review my ongoing thread from the start at:
    • Please review a thread I have heavily commented on the NICS Improvement Act of 2007 at:
    • Please review my thread on the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 at:

    Its like our legislators & the biased media have the same anti-firearm playbook the English, Australians, Canadians and others used for their disarmament agenda now in place; they are saying the same things, performing the same step-by-step ban measures in the name of common-sense legislation, for the public's safety...
    Start with the full-autos, gun registration, gun licensing, then the semi-autos, handguns, ammo... now they have none...

    If we take this lying down folks we will be disarmed as our cousins across the pond have already...

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    I loved the biased scenario shoot they conducted. Let's take people who've had very little formal shooting training, give them an unfamiliar gun, dress them in an outsized shirt guaranteed to snag on the gun, and throw them into an unrealistic scenario with a secondary shooter in their peripheral vision while a primary shooter is intent on shooting everyone.

    Given this scenario, a 20 year seasoned beat cop couldn't do any better.

  4. Massively one sided...frustrating to watch.

    The closing statements where the worst. Where are the studies that show where guns have been useful ... well we couldn't find any and the one we found where not reputable.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    I loved the biased scenario shoot they conducted. Let's take people who've had very little formal shooting training, give them an unfamiliar gun, dress them in an outsized shirt guaranteed to snag on the gun, and throw them into an unrealistic scenario with a secondary shooter in their peripheral vision while a primary shooter is intent on shooting everyone.

    Given this scenario, a 20 year seasoned beat cop couldn't do any better.
    beat me to it

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    This is like preaching to the chior...But
    We need to comment on AC Web page...

    Guns in America: More Information, Resources, How to Help - ABC News

    A quick look at the posted comments clearly show a negative trend to this "program". 240 comments and 1 in 20 are positive liberal post approving the content. There are a lot of post condemin MS wezhernam and she just old messenger. The truth is the producers and managers that appoved this *^%!*9)- are the people who need to file for unemployment.
    Semper Fi

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    Be Advised Our Legislators Will Attempt To Use This Crap To Support Their Ultimate Firearm Confiscation Agenda... IF WE LET THEM...

    YouTube - ABC "news" Diane Sawyer is a disgusting woman (and a CFR member).

    ABC News & Diane Sawyer Easter Soup Nazis: No Guns For You!:
    Debbie Schlussel

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    Notice how, by being front and center, they insured that his blue Glock made absolutely no difference. Watch again. Before he's even gone for his gun, he's been shot, It wouldn't have mattered whatsoever whether he had a gun and was killed or was unarmed and was killed.

    Ditto on the Diane Sawyer police sim.

    What does this teach us? To the anti-gun Liberal, it teaches that guns are bad, Mmmkay? You shouldn't have a gun, Mmmkay?

    To the thinking human being it teaches that no amount of training can give you superhuman reaction times, or make the bad guy give you sufficient warning that he's about to do something bad when they barge into a closed, essentially windowless room and almost immediately begin shooting.

    To the trained personal protection sidearm carrier, it simply reinforces the need to stay out of condition white. Someone in condition yellow could more easily recognize that the man who just burst into the room is holding a gun even before he's opened his mouth, and then entered condition red and begun liberating his own sidearm for defense sooner. But these 20/20 scenarioes gave zero opportunity for condition orange, which seldom, if ever, happens.

    Even in the VT massacre, most of the victims knew that it was SHTF time because Cho was shooting up an adjacent classroom, and they had time to prepare to barricade the classroom door.
    Quote Originally Posted by WikiPedia
    Before Cho began shooting, several student eyewitnesses said he poked his head into a few classrooms. Erin Sheehan, an eyewitness and survivor who had been in room 207, told reporters that the shooter "peeked in twice" earlier in the lesson and that "it was strange that someone at this point in the semester would be lost, looking for a class".
    -- Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
    Don't retreat. Just reload.

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    Thumbs down After watching that show I couldn't sleep last night.

    I mean, after watching that show I now know that I must immeadiately get rid of my guns to the proper authorities. It seems that the skills gained in my 24 years of military police expierence, and my 10 years of civilian police expierence goes away after a MONTH of not using them (as per the firearms instructor).

    They also said that the police get months and months of training in tactics and peripheal vision. Hmmmm! I was a member of a department that had 40k officers. My firearms training consisted of going to the range and shooting at a stationary paper target just like you do. Then we spent 1 hour in the "tactics house" one day. Then I and all the other officers would meet once a year to shoot 100 rounds at stationary paper targets. What department is he talking about that has a budget to send every officer it has through this rigorous training??

    Let's see, they made a point of saying the the average person cannot draw their weapon in a time of crisis to shoot the BG. I guess the police have some superhuman reflex to draw out of their anti-theft retention holsters. Maybe they should consider walking around with a gun in their hand at all times since it is so useless otherwise.

    Their carefully thought up experiment pitts a quickly trained student against a normal non-trained BG? No, instead of another slightly trained student that doesn't know their will be armed resistance (real life), we will utilize the Firearms Instructor/long time police officer as the BG. Better yet, instead of letting the student pick out his own chair, lets put him dead center in the front row. And to top it off the BG knows exactly where his resistance is seated. Oh and by the way as mentioned before the oversize shirt for our student, but also did we notice the thick mechanics gloves?

    Ah yes, and the heartwrenching story of the little boy reporter and the nasty guns in his neighborhood. Certainly the gangs that were mentioned is not the source of the problem, nor the drugs or the lack of the police to want to crack down on that area. Let's see I believe some upstanding citizen said that he can send one of the local kids to a place to buy a gun for $60. Where is that gun store? Do they do background checks and make you wait 5 days? Maybe it's an annual gun show in the "hood".

    Let's look at Aman and his sister that was killed in the Virginia Tech Shooting. I feel for his loss, seriously I do. I don't blame him for trying to "find the cure' just like anyone else who has lost a loved one. But, I feel that he is being "steered" by certain personel in the wrong direction. I feel he needs to go after the prison/parole system and the lack of enforcement of punishment for those found to be breaking the handgun laws during commissions of crimes. Those 2 areas would be a much better place to start than a gun show. I cant believe that a person would go to a gun show and pay $450 for a glock pistol, and turn around and sell it to a street thug for $60.

    Oh, and of course the NRA, and Eddie Eagle. Let's show 3 year olds that can't even keep up with Barney, a video on gun safety and then turn them loose in a toy box with guns in it. Huh? Well certainly teenagers that have never seen a gun must be smarter to not touch nor look down the barrel. Just like they would never drive daddy's car without permission when their parent's go on vacation.

    And last but not least the husband who gets up in the middle of the night and shoots his wife. Maybe he didn't like her. Seriously if a citizen can't tell the difference and identify a target in the dark then the police shouldn't work at night either, unless they have night vision goggles on with target identification.

    That about covers it. I just HAD to get that off my chest. That show frustrated me sooooo much. Especialy the title "If i only had a gun" that wasn't made to make us gun toters think that it actually might be worth watching because it was going to tell the truth was it? Or did they think that they could entice us to watch so that they were'nt "preaching to the choir" of gun haters.
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    Some other snippet(s) from Gun Ban Diane Sawyer and the Anti-Second Amendment Crew at ABC last night...

    YouTube - 'If I Only Had a Gun' ABC 20/20 Special

    YouTube - If You Only Had A Gun Part 1

    YouTube - If You Only Had A Gun Part 2

    YouTube - 20 20 If I Only Had A Gun

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