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Thread: Man Arrested In Brooklyn For Guns In The Home

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    Many years ago...certainly longer than any Statute of Limitations...when I was still married to the first Mrs. Ektarr, I drove trucks for a living. Our Union eyeglass guy was in New York Shitty, er, City, and in one of the seedier parts if you can imagine. At that time I had a nifty li'l .38 caliber Derringer. It was my policy to wear my US Army field jacket with one hand gripping my former encumberance's arm and the other buried in my jacket pocket, wrapped around the Derringer.

    Never had a problem, thankfully, but I have a pisspotful of interesting stories from my driving experiences over there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Maybe new york is not part of the US. Judges like this should be dethroned. Tared and feathered.
    +1 on this - the state of New York might as well be limited to an area south of the Yonkers County line. That would include all of the elitist areas of New York City and the suburbs. I can attest to the fact that almost every county north of that point is in disagreement with the trash that flows out of "The Big Cesspool".

    I believe that neither of the Senators from New York (Clinton and Schumer) realize that there is a New York north of Yonkers - in their mind, it must be part of Canada!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    This is truly sad to hear. It is unbelievable that in this great country the police can show up at your house and arrest you for simply having guns in your house. I do, however, wonder what the purpose of the search warrant was. Were they looking simply for the guns or had something else happened to cause it to be issued? I am sure if it was much of anything it would have been mentioned in the article. I am just curious.

    I wonder if his fourth Amendment right was violated also?
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    In the City of New York it is virtually impossible to obtain a hunting license much less a pistol permit and you better not get caught with no bullets either. At least that was law back in the 70's when I resided there It would take a letter from the govenor and nothing less.
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