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    new permits

    Any word on when the government will start issuing permits to allow citizens to practice Fredom of speach, or Fredom of the press?... God knows the Bill of Rights only applys to someone who passes a background check and is issued the approprate permit.

    Sorry, I feel like making fun of hypocracy today.
    "When you care enough to send the best... Shoot a .45"

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    Quote Originally Posted by burchesss View Post
    Sorry, I feel like making fun of hypocracy today.
    I think the word "inconsistency" would be a better choice.

    And so, while we're talking about inconsistency, what about this... Federal law prohibits convicted felons from possessing a firearm. This includes the presence of a firearm in said felons house. Federal law also prohibits a person to possess a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

    Does that mean that if I am drunk in my livingroom that I may not have my firearm holstered on my hip, or even in the house at all?

    Just looking for a little consistency in the law.

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