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Thread: The most likely course for gun control

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    Exclamation No blue beanies on US soil!

    I for one will uphold the constitution and not allow a foriegn army on sovereign US soil. I would gladly fill those blue berets with dog crap and set them on the door step while ringing the door bell and running away!!!

    seriously...if it ever comes down to the UN sending people here, it will most likely be a lot of our NATO allies that we trained and it will be a tough fight. It will not be troops from a country renamed last week in Africa or the middle east but Spaniards, Dutch, get the picture. You will also see a lot of russian made APC's because they are terrified of IED's like we faced in Iraq. They will control the food and the population centers because that is the UN way of doing business. They will have ZERO empathy for US citizens because this ain't their country. They will be corrupt because that is also the UN way of doing things.
    Remember these???

    Sex for food scandal
    Food for oil scandal

    All UN bungles that set a precedent for how they operate

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    The UN is largely ineffective anyway in the Grand Galactic scheme of things, as evidenced by past performance. For example, from Wikipedia:
    In 1990, the Tutsi-dominated RPF invaded Rwanda from Uganda. Some members allied with the military dictatorship government of Habyarimana responded in 1993 to the RPF invasion with a radio station that began anti-Tutsi propaganda and with programs against Tutsis, who it claimed were trying to re-enslave the Hutus. Nevertheless, after 3 years of fighting and multiple prior "cease-fires," the government and the RPF signed a "final" cease-fire agreement in August 1993, known as the Arusha accords, in order to form a power sharing government. Neither side appeared ready to accept the accords, however, and fighting between the two sides continued unabated. By that time, over 1.5 million civilians had left their homes to flee the selective massacres against Hutus by the RPF army. They were living in camps, the most famous of them was called Nyacyonga.

    The situation worsened when the first elected Burundian president, Melchior Ndadaye, a Hutu, was assassinated by the Burundian Tutsi-dominated army in October 1993. In Burundi, a fierce civil war then erupted between Tutsi and Hutu following the army's massacre, and tens of thousands, both Hutu and Tutsi, were killed in this conflict. This conflict spilled over the border into Rwanda and caused the fragile Rwandan Arusha accords to quickly crumble. Tutsi-Hutu hatred rapidly intensified. Although the UN sent a peacekeeping force named the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR), it was underfunded, under-staffed, and largely ineffective in the face of a two country civil-war, as detailed in Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire's book Shake Hands with the Devil. Dallaire requested additional troops and changes to the rules of engagement to prevent the coming genocide. The UN denied his request.
    As I recall, reports at the time were of UN 'Soldiers' standing around while pillagers raped, burned and murdered their victims with abandon. A fine example of World leadership!
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