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  1. HK4U,
    I am a firm believer in employing all available resources. The Army calls that "Maximizing combat power, using all force multipliers available, at the decisive point at the decisive time." I think it's a fantastic idea, and should be done wile the court case is open and while the Bill is in Congress. I would like to know what the estimated impact would be and if there would be any unintended consequences before doing it, but my guess is it would be significant. I bet that most people who frequent these areas are also believers in the 2nd Amendment.

    On another note, I am humbled to report that the total number of people who have sent emails is now 83, many of whom have sent up to 4 emails to multiple elected officials. This means that hundreds of emails have been sent.

    Thanks for the fantastic response.

    I will continue to post the totals as long as they keep going up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Smity View Post
    67, now working on forum #9.

    Most emails sent is from DefensiveCarry.com with 26 sent. (no pressure )

    I know the President doesn't check his own emails, but I just have this vision of him waking up, turning on his computer and "ding...ding.ding...ding.ding.ding..d.d.dd.d.dding .." "WHAT THE.....!?"

    It just cracks me up thinking about it.

    You have to send it to his Crackberry, he checks that.

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    Did my part.

    And I let them know how I was approached by an impaired person last month while camping along the Delaware with my three kids. No cell phone coverage, no police, no one nearby to hear the cries of help if it came to that. I was able to convince this impaired idiot to go some place else. I left this part out...seeing my 1911 on my belt probably helped him to make the right decision.

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    As for the Parks , Senero: You are out for a walk on a Sunday afternoon in a state historical site. With your children and grand children. Your walking your old Beagle (or any old dog that you have had for years) The grand children want to go down to the water. You reluctantly follow them. Once at the waters edge a gator pops out of the murky shore and snatches your oldest friend and does the death roll with your Beagle in its mouth. OMG! or this could be one of your grand children! Hey, I would like to take one of these politations for a walk where we like to go and see if he would like to have me packin. Do something with the people that create crimes and leave the law abiding gun owners alone!

  9. Done...

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    Done, done, and done!
    "I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical." - Thomas Jefferson

  11. Total number of people that have sent emails is now 93 across 11 forums.

    I had no idea...


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