Help Nevada Defeat Harry Reid in 2010
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Thread: Help Nevada Defeat Harry Reid in 2010

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    Help Nevada Defeat Harry Reid in 2010

    Obama is coming to Nevada in 4 days to campaign for Prince Harry Reid...

    Help NEVADA defeat HARRY REID, Nevadans and Americans are depending on it!

    YouTube - Radio Ad: Marine Mom Takes on Harry Reid

    YouTube - TV Ad: Help Us Defeat Harry Reid


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    Tuesday, May 26 The Usurper President Obama is coming to Las Vegas to raise millions of dollars for Prince Harry Reid's re-election. From 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM, join with fellow Americans to protest outside Caesar's Palace Colosseum along South Las Vegas Blvd. Please arrive early as traffic will be heavy! Advise parking at surrounding casino garages where available.

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