Does Gun Control Benefit Law Enforcement?
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Thread: Does Gun Control Benefit Law Enforcement?

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    Does Gun Control Benefit Law Enforcement?

    A well written article by a retired LEO. He touches on some of the most common arguments. Police Blogs & Podcasts Does Gun Control Benefit LE?

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    Always get their man?

    If you read the comments below the article there is one from north of the line - a man with a red coat (which many be telling in itself) who says, no citizens should have more than a hunting rifle. Easy for him to say he can carry - guess those Canadian shows (cop shows) on TV like Flashpoint are ALL fiction and none of the BG really have a gun - or maybe there is some truth to that and Mr. RCMP wants to keep those that follow the law helpless and under his control. Unless they can be everywhere, the liklihood of being a victim up there is way up. One more place I don't want to go on vacation.
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    The numbers show time and time again, the more strict the gun laws the higher the crime rate. It's time to clean house. Stop voting for incumbents.
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