Liberals Ask Why They Lost Gun Control Vote
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Thread: Liberals Ask Why They Lost Gun Control Vote

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    Liberals Ask Why They Lost Gun Control Vote

    It seems that many in Washington were surprised and disappointed by the recent expansion of gun rights. Looks like more surprises to come but we must remain vigilant and look for surprise attacks along with advancement. Note: The reference to liberals in the title came directly from the article.

    Liberals ask how they lost gun, Guantanamo votes - Yahoo! News

  3. Yes lets keep are friends close and are enemies even closer.
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    Well, with the Guantanamo vote, Obama first stated that some prisoners would be transfered to the U.S., then reversed his stance to say that none would be moved here when the hue and cry went out warning everyone of his plan. Then he again reversed himself and said that some of them would be sent to U.S. prisons.

    With the gun vote, it was attached (Republicans are quickly learning from the Dems) to another bill that the Dems desperately wanted, and they let the gun part get in.

    The Obama administration is falling apart, little by little, and if you watched Cheney's news conferences, he's screwing Obama royally, and more people are listening to him than the president. This moron hasn't been in ooffice for 6 months yet, and already his little kingdom is starting to crumble.
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    Like 'The Emperor's New Clothes', but in this case it's "The Emperor's New Administration". Nothing of substance really there.
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    Maybe the easiest answer is that it is what people want. As an instructor, I know the number of people who even if they don't take a class would like to some day or at least think that it is a real good idea. While there is a small part of the population that thinks more control is good (heck there is a part of the population that still thinks the earth is flat) and that we can get rid of violence by keeping honest people from protecting themselves and that then BG will knock it off. Liberals still think they are smarter than the rest of us and that all conservatives are dumb hicks so why listen to anyone when they already know what is better for us than we do. Heck, hope they keep that attitude, makes it easier for the rest of us. The crazier they act the better common sense looks.

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    Could it be, because the PEOPLE they represent are letting them know that they do not want anymore of this? That they tend to lose elections and support when they press for gun control. (that is unless they happen to be from an extremely liberal district) Man, these coneheads in Washington have become so out of touch with Real America and Real Americans, that they have no idea what's going on in this country and what we really want. They just cannot believe that we really want to keep our guns, and that guns are necessary to the security of individuals, families, homes, communities and our Country. No, it just couldn't be!!!
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  8. Liberals lose ground while millions of guns are purchased

    This has to really annoy the feds and the anti-gun morons in the congress. Music to my ears. As Phil Gramm said:
    "I got more guns than I need and not as many guns as I want!"

    Shortcut to:

    USA Buys Enough Guns to Outfit the Entire Chinese
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    I did not vote for Obama. I don't consider myself a conservative either. I think before one can really be called a conservative they should at least know how to spell the word. I hear moron after idiot get on the radio and stand in public and whine about "Them Liberals". These are people that live in old worn out trailers and bum rides to get from work to the store. I love firearms and am a defender of the Constitution(War Time Vet). I at the same time am not going to support anyone that lines their pockets with MY tax dollars and gives trillions to their banker buddies....then laugh and thumb their nose at the hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers left in their wake. This is insane!!!!
    The truth is we don't have much of a government now....and we have not had much since Richard Nixon left office. Our country gets poorer by the day. This will be the first generation that will die poorer than our grand parents. America is dieing. ...A day and a dollar at a time. We can not continue to send our jobs and our currency overseas and to Mexico. This is neither a GOP or Democrat issue...Both parties have stabbed the middle class in the back for decades now.Reagan started the drain of money out of this country and the Clinton"MOB" continued it. if we don't soon do something to curb the amount of wealth leaving our shores we will need every firearmwe can get our hands on just to keep the bill collectors(CHINA) off of us. There is now more U.S. currency outside of the USA thn inside of the cuntry. How can this be? We are all being played just like the cheap wrestlers on tv try to swindle us.Stop whineing aboutLIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES and start looking for the thieves that are robbing us blind. It may be time to run an officer of the NRA for president.
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  10. How many guns is enough?

    I shop Davidsons regularly. And I can't believe his inventory levels. People bought every conceivable handgun he had and practically every long gun. If he sold crossbows he'd be out of those too. And its the same everywhere guns are sold. The psyche seems to be--stock up and be ready because the obanna homeguard is about ready to begin marching down your street.
    The folks in California said NO to more new taxes. And 60% of the voters there voted for obanna. In just four months people are beginjing to flip. Pelosi is on her way out; Harry Reid is seriously being contested for reelection. And **** Cheney has made his case. I think we're on the way to curbing the obanna contradiction. And I hope it doesn't take four years for EVERBODY to wake up.

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    The call to wake has arrived.

    The time for for a wake up call has arrived. The Washington professional political parasites are running scared. The American voting public has discovered that the individual voting process will work, if and when properly applied. They have began to realize that the American people can only be pushed so far. They, the parasites, must have viewed the cartoons of Tom and Jerry. Thereby, realizing that even a mouse will turn and face an on charging cat, when he, the mouse, is cornered.

    The political system of this nation has made a very grave error, when attempting to deprive the born free American of their Constitutional rights and priviledges. What Constitutional Rights, that certain politicians have denied citizens in their home states, will just not fly on a nation level. The rights we, as Americans, was born out of the sweat, blood, tears and the loss of lives to insure, that this nation would continue to be as it's founding fathers intended it to be.

    It is far overdue, that each elected offical should realise, that in the Oath or Affirmation of Office he and/or she swears to support and defend the Constitution of the United States againist both foreign and domestic enemies. Thereby, all of whom attempts to do other wise are enemies of this nation and are bordering on charges of NONFEASANCE of Office. In plain words if they, the political parasites, do not intend on carrying out their sworn obligation to their elected office. It is time to pack up and get on the first stage out of Dodge.


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