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Thread: The Usurper Obama Nominates His First Anti-Second Amendment Justice

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    Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Sells Out The Constitution And The Second Amendment Today!

    "Your Gonna Get Confirmed"... Senator Lindsey Graham:

    YouTube - Senator Graham Makes Opening Statement in Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing

    Additionally I guess Senator Graham failed to note that 6 out of 7 of Sotomayor's opinions that made it in front of the very court she has been nominated to; were OVERTURNED!

    Her record on Constitutional Rulings SUCK! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!...

    She has been nominated to a Court that decides matters of Constitutionality, and her record on this blows, nothing else she has done matters...

    Not to mention she is a bigot, and SCOTUS just confirmed that days ago...

    Everybody needs to remind Senator Lindsey Graham that Americans expect him and Supreme Court Judges to Support The Constitution and The Second Amendment as they were written and intended by our Founding Fathers...
    .: United States Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina :: Home :.

    Write, Telephone, and Fax Your Senators: IF they support the Constitution and the Second Amendment... "OPPOSE CONFIRMATION OF SOTOMAYOR"
    U.S. Senate: Senators Home

    Ditto to the Senate Judiciary !!!
    Senate Judiciary Committee

    Ditto RNC Chairman Michael Steele !!!
    Republican ? National ? Committee

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    He's kissing someone Liberal butt again. Typical of him. Once he was a great conservative then he got elected to the Senate and teamed up with McCain.
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