Big Brother At it Again
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    Big Brother At it Again

    Not firearm related but anouther example of government out of controle.

    BOSTON -- Lawmakers in Massachusetts will consider a proposed ban on spanking children in the state.

    Boston television station WCVB reported that the issue is set for debate at a Statehouse hearing Wednesday morning.

    The Boston Herald reported that State Rep. Jay Kaufman filed the spanking ban petition at the request of an Arlington, Mass., nurse who wants Massachusetts to become the first state in the country to stop corporal punishment.

    If this proposal does become law and parents are caught hitting their children who are under the age of 18, they could be charged with abuse or neglect, WCVB reported.
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    That explains all my problems....I was spanked.

    And with that, a new class of "victims" is created. Thank you Nannies of Massachussets...more liberal drivel to tell me how to live my life. Imagine where this country would be if the gummint would mind its own business as well as it tries to mind yours and mine!
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    Most of the nannies would love to be spanked. Lets bring back the dunking chair for them.

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    Nowadays, that's called "Waterboarding"....and "waterboarding" is torture. Don't you watch the Communist Nanny News?
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

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    Insane!! I'm still fairly young being 26 but I remember getting the belt a few times. Trust me it did a lot more good then time out in the corner ever did. So let see I was spanked, grounded, and punished for disobeying my parents. Now I'm 26, did well in school, never been in any trouble with the law, always held a job (and a fairly nice one at that), and have two houses I bought with MY hard earned money. Have to admitt my parents must have done something right!

    Maybe the government need to look at the parents that don't decipline and alow there kids to run the show!

    just my .02

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    The government needs to stay out of peoples personal lives unless someone is in grave danger.There is a big difference between spanking a kid and child abuse.I was spanked when i was a kid and it did`nt make me want to shoot class mates or hurt anyone or thing.It just made me make sure that whatever i did wrong to get spanked in the first place,i wouldn`t do again.The government keeps wantint to take away parental rights and tell us what`s best for our children and wonder why kids are out of control.Go figure.

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    Legislation like this underscores why there are so many more horse's asses than there are actual horses.
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    Items like this make me feel like I just woke up in Bizarro-land. My wife, son, daughter-in-law and her mother and sister are all teachers (I'm the only one dumb enough to be an engineer and work 12 months a year). Their major complaint is about the parents who just don't give a rats about their own children's disipline. Case in point, the local school district was so desperate for teachers they brought in a large group from the Philippines. They were given 3 year contract, and assistance in housing. After 1 year most returned home--reason given was the total lack of respect American children gave teachers. This nightmare of a law would only make that situation all the worse.

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    I know for a fact spanking works! I remember that I always thought twice about doing something wrong because If I got caught It was double jeopardy. If It was at school I got bent over a chair and took my licks, then when I got home I got it again! Spanking teaches that there are consequences to our actions and builds a mental deterrent to commit those actions. In other words a conscience. Government needs to stay out of raising children. Everyone know that everything the Government touches screws it up!
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    I think this is a large part of what is wrong with this country today. You must not do anything that is not politically correct. It might offend someone. Well guys, you know what, everything offends someone. However, these minority groups will stand up and complain while the majority just sits at home and complains. I don't have an answer. I just wish we would get back to trying to please the majority of the people of this country instead of being afraid to offend some obscure group of people. It's still the greatest country in the world!

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