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Thread: Awesome letter to the bad no one claims writing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by chroode View Post
    The FBI is going to be knocking on your door. Better be careful what you write.

    It does make me wonder where the letter originates. Hmmm... I could have a field day chasing a conspiracy theory thread on this one!

    BUT, again... I don't see anything amiss right up to the last line of the letter. Thus the revision I proposed. Don’t leave any room for speculation. Communicate your intent clearly:

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaynelson View Post
    I would reword this in a way that communicates my desire to work tirelessly towards insuring Obama is fired by American voters come 2012.

    I do think one has to be careful about what they say. Be above board in your communication. BUT, there is nothing wrong with letting your voice be heard and your thoughts about the future of our Nation known. If we do not speak up, we forfeit our rights and the freedoms so many fought and gave their lives to achieve.

    Be careful that you don't allow any administration intimidate you into remaining silent when truth needs to be spoken!

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewaynelson View Post
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” … Edmund Burke

    Let's be vocal in expressing the values we hold dear, make sure the will of the people is known in Washington!
    Blessed be my God, my mountain, who trains me to fight fair and well! Psalm 144 (msg)
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    Thanks for the letter, I sent it out to a couple talk radio hosts, and asked they read it on the air.

    This letter is the true feelings of many that they like myself are unable to express.

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