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    One of my brothers lives in Tulsa and he sends these updates to me all the time, with the following question attached, "How do you think Teddy (Kennedy) likes this?!!! It's absolutely insane that I live here in the cradle of FREEDOM, where it all began with the Boston Tea Party and the shot heard round the world....and look at what Massachusetts has become? FUBAR. If I could move, I would. The wife's ex keeps her here because of her two boys. Once they graduate high school in 10 years, we are outa here!
    10 years? Are you sure you have that much time?

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    I know this does not go along with most on here but my favorite amendment in the BOR is the 10th. In the US any powers not provided to the Federal Government is reserved for the State. My understanding is that in Canada they have the reverse of that where the States ( Providences) are only allowed those powers specifically provided to th them.

    The only thing I remember from when I took Political Science in college abotu 100 years ago is the definition of a Sovereign Nation (State). That is one that has the ability to protect itself from all enemies both from outside and within. For example you find an island out in the middle of the ocean that you declare it as your own and to be your own country. What can stop you from that? Nothing other than your ability to defend yourself.

    What can stop a State from declaring itself a Sovereign state and doing what ever the people of the state want to do. Only the ability of the state to defend itself. I think these declarations by states are great as it does remind both the people of the state and the Federal Beauracrates that somebody is not happy with the way things are going. But do not read too much into it. I think that the AZ immigration laws are exactly what it needed to wake some people up and get back on the right track. Now whether they are going to be able to enforce it without a serious fight (are the people of AZ willing to physically fight it) I don't know but think it is way overdue. With all the boycotts of AZ going on right now it seems that it would be a good time for me to visit a state that I have never been to.

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