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When your name rhymes with "Allahu Akbar" no one is thinking "do you think this guy could be Irish?" Gimme a break! Maybe Obama didn't know li'l Mohammed was a Muslim. Maybe you're right, seeing as no one ever bothered vetting Obama himself, who claimed that he was a Christian, before he claimed he was born in Hawaii. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, with deep roots in the Middle East didn't know these two guys were Muslims? Pull the other one!

If Obama is a Christian, then so was Saddam Hussein. Right!
"And they will be known by their works (actions)". To be Christian is to try to be "Christ-like". I'm sorry, but I really don't see Christianity in the White House. While a Senator in Illinois, Obama sponsored legislation to deny aborted babies, born alive, the right to receive life saving help. Instead, they were cast aside, with the dirty linens, and died alone, as they struggled desperately to live. That is horrible. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". He cherishes and died for every person -- babies (pre-borns, too), teens, adults. Also, Obama said that "America is no longer a Christian nation". That speaks volumes to me. School children being indoctrinated by singing "praises" to Obama, instead of being allowed to sing Christmas carols is an attempt to make Obama the "savior of the world", instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible warns us against those who try to make evil look righteous and righteousness look evil.